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By: Blacksmith Cycles  09-12-2011
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We are a local independent shop specializing in the service,
repair, and customizing of Harley Davidson motorcycles.
Service and Repair:
We are factory trained by Harley Davidson in all aspects of service and repair work
including: periodic maintenance, drive train, suspension, electrical, and Fuel Injection
(diagnostics, tuning, and repair)
This includes all models from 1936 to present as well as V-ROD and Buell.
We have the latest diagnostic equipment to diagnose and correct any problems you might
have with your fuel injected Harley Davidson. Performance:
If you are looking to swap out the exhaust and air filter on your Ironhead or put together
a big bore stroker for your fuel injected twin cam..we have you covered!!We have an amazing 95" Twin Cam package that puts out 110hp and100ft/lbs torque
using gear drive cams and stock heads ported by . EFI Tuning:
Due to increasingly stringent EPA regulations fuel injected Harley Davidsons are tuned
dangerously lean right from the factory. While a lean state of tune might satisfy the EPA,
it does nothing for engine life, driveability, and power in an air cooled engine. A lean
running motor runs hotter than necessary and often has "flat spots" at part throttle
cruising. The latest bikes with oxygen sensors are even worse!! Add a free flowing
exhaust and air filter to the mix and it exaggerates the problem usually adding an annoying
backfire during deceleration. Harley Davidson offers a one size fits all "stage download"
or "re-flash" of the stock EFI computer which helps slightly, but is still emissions
oriented. It is a one shot deal with NO room for fine tuning and no means to get rid of the
backfire that often comes with a free flowing exhaust.
Our tool of choice for tuning EFI bikes is the Dynojet   . A Power
Commander "piggybacks" onto the stock EFI system and opens the door for precise tuning
of all aspects of the air/fuel mixture..including the ranges that affect cruising, wide
open throttle acceleration, and deceleration popping or backfiring. There is NO cutting
of any wires and the Power Commander can easily be removed if desired. As an added
benefit the power commander can be tuned for any future changes to the bike such as big
bore kits, cams, or even a simple exhaust change. All this adds up to precise flexible tuning
that is just not possible with the Harley Davidson download.
For more involved engine combinations we also offer a "road dyno" service that lets us
read and record air/fuel data while the bike is being ridden on the road in real world
conditions. Once back at the shop this raw data is downloaded into a computer and
precise calculations are made to adjust the mixture for maximum power and driveability.
Instead of strapping the bike down to a dyno, we put the dyno on the bike. Fabrication, Welding, and Machine Shop
Our new larger shop gives us the space to offer a full service fabrication shop. Services
will include both MIG and TIG welding for steel and aluminum, tube bending, and machining
of those one off custom parts. We have a professional machinist as well as an aircraft
welder on staff for truly professional work.
Harley Davidson..They made it,
now let us make it yours!!!

Keywords: fuel injection, Tuning