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By: Black Gold Lodge  09-12-2011


When the time comes to take care of you day's catch, we have excellent facilities for cleaning and processing your fish. Our expert staff will show you exactly what to do and assist when possible. You can prepare skin-on whole fillets for the grill, or take them home whole.

Our all-inclusive guests enjoy complete fish processing services. For our standard package guests, we are always available to help where we can.


Black Gold is proud to be one of the very few Sports Fishing Lodges on the central coast of B.C. to hold a U.N. Certification License. This is due to the cleanliness of our processing program.

Our certified processing room meets strict European standards for importing meat..


After each day’s catch has been cleaned and packed, it is moved to our walk-in flash freezer, and then packed in airline-approved containers for your trip home. For guests traveling overseas (or exceptionally long distances), we use special insulated packaging that extends the duration of the frozen state.

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Black Gold Lodge - service

The minute you arrive by seaplane, someone will escort your party to your cottage and give you a brief tour of the facilities. Our chef and his sous chefs join in welcoming new arrivals while other staff members unload the plane. Every day while you are out fishing, we will change towels and clean and tidy your cottage. Guests who visit Black Gold Lodge enjoy many of the same services as a fine hotel.


Black Gold Lodge - on water

When you come in from fishing, dock hands will clean and refuel your boat, check your equipment, and restock your tackle box. The last thing you want to have to do is go back to the lodge for more bait or supplies.


Black Gold Lodge

Wir sind stolz auf unseren überdurchschnittlichen Service, achten aber auch immer darauf die Privatsphäre der Gäste nicht zu beeinträchtigen. Ab der ersten Minute Ihrer Ankunft wird man betreut, die Zimmer und die Anlagen werden gezeigt. In vieler Hinsicht entspricht der Service auf der Black Gold Lodge einem sehr guten Hotel. Jeder Gast kann—solange Tageslicht gegeben—angeln wann immer und so lange wie er möchte.