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By: Biscom  09-12-2011
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Get the industry’s leading and most reliable cloud-based fax service

After delivering mission-critical fax solutions to organizations worldwide for more than 24 years, Biscom now delivers those same solutions over the Internet cloud. Our cost-saving, hosted fax service, available in both Enterprise and Office editions, provides a level of performance and functionality not offered anywhere else. According to industry analyst Peter Davidson, “..none offers Biscom’s breadth of functionality and rock-solid reliability. Coupled with its world-class customer service, the Biscom solution is the market’s most flexible offering.”

Top Features

  • Secure transmission types — Secure Socket Layer (SSL), TLS (SMTP encryption), and HTTPS
  • Send and receive faxes from Outlook, Exchange, SharePoint, Microsoft Office and more
  • Advanced tracking, routing, & reporting tools
  • Local and toll-free numbers
  • Auto-resend and scheduling
  • Custom cover pages
  • Fax any document type
  • Faxes and fax data are stored within your company’s enterprise, not archived on servers in the cloud


  • The best solutions for your needs. Get the fax solutions you need — including the features and functionality demanded by the world’s largest enterprise organizations: Advanced Fax Routing, OCR, Fax Barcoding, Reporting, and more — all through a hosted environment.
  • Cost savings. Reduce capital and operational expenses by eliminating or reducing hardware, maintenance and phone line costs.
  • Secure and compliant. We offer the most secure hosted fax solution on the market today, so you can meet the toughest security, compliance, and data protection regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI, SAS-70, GLB, and NIST.
  • Workflow integration. Faxes are automatically routed to the correct department. Our software integrates with your existing business applications, including SharePoint, Exchange/Outlook, MFPs, and more with our optional API and Software Development Kit (SDK).
  • Eliminate constant software updates. As part of our hosted service, we continuously upgrade our fax servers. Which means you don’t have to deal with the cost and time-consuming hassle of maintenance, version numbers and manual upgrades.
  • Assured business continuity. You can have non-stop business faxing through a combination of our hosted fax service and powerful enterprise-class fax servers.
  • Service and support. Our U.S.-based support engineers are experienced in mission critical and production environments, and provide unsurpassed enterprise-level support and training. 24/7 coverage is available.

Security & Compliance

With more than 24 years of experience providing secure document delivery solutions to major corporations, we understand the importance and challenges of managing and ensuring data protection while meeting regulatory compliance. Below are some of the security precautions we take to keep your fax communications private and secure, and help you meet your compliance requirements:

  • Maximum redundancy and auditing capabilities to help comply with stringent government regulations, such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI, SAS-70, GLB, and NIST.
  • 128 bit SSL encryption — the same level of encryption used by online banking and financial institutions to protect all inbound and outbound communications.
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection, which encrypts the message from end-to-end, ensuring the message is encrypted even before the fax is sent from your location.
  • Secure data centers — Biscom servers are housed in the U.S. in secure, Level One premium Verizon data centers. These data centers offer the highest level of security and reliability.

Thanks to the Biscom Queue, our innovative technology which controls every Biscom fax solution, our hosted fax service can match the capabilities of our customer premise-based fax servers.

  • Active Directory integration — lookups for routing incoming faxes and updating fax systems instantly, unlike other services that do updates or synchronizations with separate databases
  • Access to real-time logs for status of sent/received/pending faxes
  • Multiple client support – Web-based, Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino, Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise
  • Advanced fax routing, a rules-based utility whereby faxes can be automatically
    - Routed according to barcode content extracted by Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
    -Printed, emailed, split into multiple pages, and quarantined as spam according to DID, date and time received, Caller ID, TSID, etc.
  • Single sign-on – when you log onto your network computer, your credentials are automatically passed to fax services
  • Fax processing workflows, in which the fax automatically progresses from user to user, based on tasks assigned to each user, until processing is completed
  • Routing to SharePoint document libraries

Office Edition


  • Auto retries
  • Forward Faxes to other fax numbers
  • Real time fax reports (fax logs)
  • MFPs / printers / network scanner integration
  • Microsoft Office 2007/2010 integration
  • Custom cover pages
  • Local and toll-free numbers

Enterprise Edition


  • All Office Edition features plus:
  • Robust fax user management
  • SharePoint integration
  • APIs (.NET, Java, STMP, MAPI)
  • OCR & barcoding
  • Custom workflows
  • Advanced fax routing
  • Active Directory integration


Create fax queues from a central location for distribution within the enterprise

Index, route and capture data from faxes for easy searching and sorting

Biscom Worklow works with Suite for Windows to enable organizations to index, route and capture data from faxes in a highly efficient production process. Customized data entry fields can be created to label images for easy sorting and searching. The data entered in the fields is kept in a searchable database, making it easy to call up the necessary documents when needed.

Send multiple faxes quickly and easily

FAXBlaster/MailMerge allows users to automatically send a fax to an unlimited number of recipients, while providing a real-time status on each fax delivery.

Keep track of all your fax activity throughout the enterprise

Biscom Job Tracking allows you to keep track of all of the fax activity throughout the enterprise. It indexes incoming and outgoing faxes in a relational database, records monitored events in the database, and includes a Web-based report generator (FAXCOM Job Tracking Reporter).

Direct your incoming faxes with fax routing rules

Biscom Advanced Fax Routing works with Suite for Windows to enable you to set up fax routing rules and associated actions to direct your incoming faxes. For example, you can have faxes rerouted if the intended recipient is not in the office, or have faxes that arrive after a certain time sent to a different address. Advanced Fax Routing uses OCR to actually read the text from the images of incoming faxes and then route them to users, printers, applications or document repositories such as Microsoft SharePoint libraries.

Add fax capabilities to your applications

Biscom’s Web Services API is a powerful set of tools that allows users to connect their existing business applications directly to Biscom’s hosted fax environment.

Integrate with multifunction peripherals

MFP Integration allows Biscom’s Hosted Fax Service to integrate with multifunction peripherals (MFPs). Since MFPs reduce the number of peripherals needed, they save valuable time, resources and office space. MFP Integration is easy to use and integrates with a range of vendors, including HP, Xerox, Sharp, Nuance/e-Copy, FabSoft, and Lexmark.

Client Software

Users can send, receive and view faxes, as well as monitor the status of incoming and outgoing fax documents. The package may be distributed to remote PCs as an MSI file. User rights and permissions can be configured through Active Directory

PC and mobile device users can access the Biscom Hosted Fax Service from any location via a browser. Like its Windows-based counterpart, the Web Client lets users send, receive, and view faxe, as well as allowing them to monitor the status of incoming and outgoing fax documents.


Workflow Express and Enterprise Clients for Windows-based PCs are designed to efficiently handle larger volumes of faxes in production environments. These applications allow the construction of custom workflows where client users are assigned specific workflow processing roles.

"We needed a system that would automatically send scheduling information to offline doctors via fax through our existing scheduling software. Biscom's hosted fax solution is simply more reliable. Installation was straightforward, using it is simple - our customers are happy and so are we."


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