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By: Biscom  09-12-2011
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FoIP works via T.38, where T.38 is a protocol that describes how to send a fax over a computer data network. As this diagram shows, T.38 requires a T.38-capable VoIP gateway as well as a T.38-capable fax device.

Implementations of a FAXCOM® Server as a T.38-capable fax device uses the Dialogic Brooktrout SR140 fax software, available in densities ranging from 2 to 60 channels and supporting up to 120 ports in a single server. Additional channels can be installed with new software license keys.

The Dialogic SR140 FoIP product is compliant with the T.38, SIP, and H.323 industry standards, and Biscom regularly tests its T.38 FoIP solution with additional PBXs, Gateways, SIP Trunking interfaces, and other devices to confirm additional interoperabilities. To verify interoperability with a specific IP environment, contact Biscom for an analysis of the IP environment and configuration recommendations.

Implementing T.38 FoIP

In a T.38 FoIP implementation, the fax server is “boardless” -- running only the fax server software licenses. The IP fax server routes faxes to T.38-enabled endpoints on the VoIP network, such as VoIP routers or gateways. The VoIP routers or gateways then connect to the phone network to send and receive faxes to remote fax devices. Even though the VoIP network is the endpoint sending faxes over the phone network, the fax communication is still a point-to-point, real-time delivery from the IP fax server.

Implementation of T.38 Fax over IP requires a VoIP implementation with routers and gateways configured for T.38 support. It is generally necessary for customers to configure their VoIP network to support T.38 FoIP – it is not a default feature of the VoIP implementation. Customers will need access to technical resources able to configure their VoIP routers and gateways to assist Biscom with the implementation.

T.38 Fax over IP Interoperability

Following is a list of IP PBXs, Gateways, SIP Trunking interfaces, and other devices that have been tested for Interoperability with Biscom's T.38 Fax over IP solution. We regularly test new environments and announce new interoperability. If you don’t see your IP environment listed here, contact Biscom for an analysis of your IP environment and recommendations. In addition to this list of IP environments, Biscom also offers IP Media Gateways that enable us to implement T.38 Fax over IP in nearly any network environment.


Keywords: Fax Over Ip, Fax Server, Fax Server Software, Voip

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