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By: Birds Love My Garden  09-12-2011
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Bird Feeder/Bird House Features
Only heavy gauge non ferrous metals such as copper and bronze are used, materials cherished by garden architects. Detachable feeder bowls that allow for easy filling and transport to and from your seed station. Beautifully designed by Hugh Allen from his collection of garden art.

Bird Feeders
During the winter months the reduction of food availability for wildlife makes it difficult to sustain a nutritionally balanced diet.  Adding fortified suet to your copper bird feeder during these difficult times will ensure an abundance of wildlife in your garden all year round.
The open body design concept of our copper feeders facilitates the addition of any suet you may wish to serve your fine feathered friends.

Copper Trays
Enhance the beauty of your home with these Hugh Allen designed drip trays made from heavy gauge copper.
Available in five sizes ranging from 6" diameter to 14" and a height of  1 1/2".

Seed Separator Set, 4 Part Aluminum
A product for the advanced gardener who enjoys collecting and propagating seed.  Our four part seed separation sieve and bottom pan set is designed to facilitate the harvesting of seed from your favorite flowers, herbs and vegetables.  This exact process is used by many commercial seed houses around the world. Made from durable non rusting aluminum, Stackable for easy storage,  3 screen hole sizes to suit the separation of a wide variety of seed sizes. 1/16", 1/8" and 3/16".  Each screen is mounted in its' own frame for comfort and ease of use.
Some of the easier seeds to plant: Zinnias, Coleus, Cosmos, Snapdragons, Marigolds, Basil, Tomatoes, Lettuce.

Copper Obelisk with 2 Trays 9" and 17"
Over 6' tall with a base diameter of 26", five legs provide maximum stability, easy to assemble.
Trays are optional.

Can be used to display plants, as a bird bath or for holding bird seed or suet.

Copper Plant Stand
48" tall with a base diameter of 26", 5 legs provide maximum stability, 2 dish rings 9" and 17",
optional 3rd dish ring 11 3/4".

Display your plants in style

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