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By: Birdiebaldy  09-12-2011

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Words cannot describe the guilt and frustration I feel for having not blogged in more than two months. Not because I think I have some giant fan club that has been obsessively checking this site to see if I've shared more of my usually aimless and generally underinformed musings, but because it makes me feel like my priorities and self-discipline aren't where I want them to be. What have I been doing with my time? Working. Working, working working workingworkingworkingworking. One of my clients has given me the opportunity to edit their blog, on which they post almost daily. So on the days when I work at my contract job in the city, I roll home, feed Elaine and put her to bed, hork dinner and fire up the computer, and stay in front of it until I flop into bed. On the days that I'm home, I goof off with Elaine all day (and run errands, do laundry etc.), feed her dinner and put her to bed, hork dinner and fire up the computer, and stay in front of it until I flop into bed.

I actually enjoy the work itself a lot; I'm editing music reviews and features and other music-related content across all genres. And the cash is good. So I don't have any inclination to give it up. But man, I miss having a little free time on my hands from time to time. I just don't anymore.

This has unfortunately coincided with a period of extremely rapid evolution on Elaine's part. That baby … wow. I would have to be posting every single day, possibly multiple times per day, in order to chronicle every stupendous thing she has done and all the ways those things blow my mind. She is a whole lot of person stuffed into a tiny little body.

So I guess I'll have to satisfy myself with doing a best-of list for now. I hope I'll somehow start finding more time to write -- it is good for me. Even if not one single other person on this planet reads it, it is really good for me to flex this part of my brain.

1. Elaine learned to shake her head. Sometimes she does it with very deliberate intention, such as when you ask, "Can I put you down so I can put on some pants?" and she gives an emphatic no, which she will back up with a yell if you try to put her down. Other times she does it somewhat indiscriminately, such as when you offer a strawberry to her and ask, "Would you like a strawberry?", and she practically dislocates her neck with an emphatic head shake just before snatching the strawberry out of your hand and cramming it in her mouth.

2. Elaine learned to give kisses. Her mouth is usually wide open and there's a lot of slobber involved. Obviously she inherited her technique from her father.

3. Elaine learned to give hugs. She also learned that they are multipurpose: sometimes they're great for comfort. Sometimes they feel good when you're tired. They often are just the thing when your parents are trying to get out the door to go to work and you're in the mood to play your guilt trump card.

4. Elaine took her first steps, and then took dozens more in the ensuing couple of weeks. The she evidently decided that self-ambulation was for the plebeian class and that being carried around by her staff is far superior. She now absolutely refuses to walk. REFUSES.

5. Elaine learned to twist and remove caps. She has demonstrated this with a tube of sunscreen, a baby-food jar full of Cheerios, and a full bottle of vanilla extract.

6.  Elaine learned to say "coffee" ("cuck-ee"), "blueberry" ("boogie"), and "apple" (um, "apple").

7. We discovered that Elaine is deeply moved by the music of the Ramones.

8. Elaine mastered the trick of flipping onto her stomach when laid in her crib and insisting that she absolutely cannot fall asleep unless you rub her back and massage her hair for 30-60 minutes. Obviously she inherited this skill from her mother.

9. Elaine turned into a horribly whiny, fussy, temperamental, impossible-to-please toddler for four days in April. Then the Real Elaine came back. We hope she stays.

10. Elaine learned that when she bites her father's collarbone, he shrieks. This discovery seems to have made a lasting impression on her.

11. Elaine fell in love with pancakes.

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