Biotopia Inc - Products for Pets

By: Biotopia  09-12-2011

One of the activities month complicated and therefore difficult to be carried out in the companies focused to the production correctly, is the service towards the clients. In this sense, we have implemented concrete actions, coordinating the programs of production with logistic of deliveries and the shipments, that allow to respond of an expeditious form month us the demands of merchandise of our clients and distributors. Tambié n, in another émbito, we have been maintaining for already some time, communication channels permanently opened for consultation on the properties, characteristics and use of products towards all pirémide commercial, from the distributors to the final consumer of our products among other aspects té cnicos relative to acuariofilia and the mascots. On the other hand, in Biomaa, we are it jeopardize by conviction and not like standard with commercial aims, in the aspects of conservation of natural resources, in special the faunísticos and florísticos, as well as in the spreading of the information that leads to create conscience ecological between the population in order to avoid or at least to diminish the accelerated deterioration of our surroundings natural, exhorting to all not to contribute with illegal tréfico of species among others actions.