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By: Bioflex Medical Magnets  09-12-2011

The Sleep X®-Cel Dual Comfort Luxury Pillow
by the makers of Sleep TherapeutiX®…and BIOflex® Now you can choose between a Plush or Luxury-firm pillow every night! No other pillow can provide your choice of comfort and support by uniquely combining 100% pure super-plush Latex and luxury-firm temperature-sensitive Memory Foam. And regardless of the surface you choose, enjoy a healthier and more restful sleep knowing that clinically proven BIOflex® Concentric Circle magnetic technology is engineered into every pillow. On one side, 100% Latex foam instantly envelops you in plush, soothing softness creating a calming, restorative sensation. Engineered into our Sleep X®-Cel Dual Comfort pillows are our patent pending BIOflex® Concentric Circle magnetic strips, recognized by major universities to increase circulation and reduce pain in many cases. The reverse side is state-of-the-art Memory Foam made up of thousands of microscopic cells which gently relieve pressure while providing a cradling support for your neck and head. Both premium components are laminated with a non-toxic, non-allergenic adhesive and inserted into an elegant 75% cotton/25% polyester Velour pillow cover. The cover is zippered to allow washing according to instructions.
  • The Sleep X®-Cel Dual Comfort Luxury Pillow produced by the makers of Sleep TherapeutiX®, a quality supplier to the Home Health Care industry.
  • The 100% Latex Foam side has a super-soft compression for plush, pressure-reducing support.
  • High-density NASA-engineered Memory Foam is available on the opposite side and creates a Luxury-firm support which many find relaxing and therapeutic.
  • BIOflex® Concentric Circle magnetic strips are engineered between the comfort layers to reduce pain and stress in your neck and shoulders, increase circulation and promote healing while you sleep.
  • Elegant pillow cover is Velour and zippered for easy removal and cleaning.

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