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3) To Enable Log sending through GPRS.

       Go To Options-->Settings-->GPRS Settings-->GPRS Data Sending--> 'Enable'.

       Also Check proper access point selected as per operator availability at the time of installation by

       Options-->Settings-->GPRS Settings-->APN-->'Mobile Office'. (E.g AirTel-India)              

4) To Enable Log sending through SMS.

       Go To  'SMS' Set 'Enable'

       Options-->Settings-->SMS Settings-->SMS-->'Enable'.

5) To Enable Log sending through E-Mail.

       Go To  Set 'Enable'

       Set Default None .   (Note-When you Enable Send Email then you have to   Set        )

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6) Hide Application From Tasklist

   Go To  'System Settings'  i.e

       Options-->Settings--> 'System Settings'-->Make Covert-->'Yes'

Application is hide from tasklist but shown in Phone Menu.

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7) To See Current Location On Map .

After GPS latched once then Goto Option Menu

Options-->See On Map

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