Anti-IIa, Anti-Xa Activity Testing of Heparin and LMW-Heparin

By: Biocascade  09-12-2011

Test Services

BioCascade operates under a cGMP Quality System and specializes in automated activity tests (Anti-Xa and/or Anti-IIa) of heparin, LMW-heparin, and heparin-coated medical devices. Our clients consist of industrial, medical device, and research companies. With our validated, automated Anti-Xa and Anti-IIa heparin test procedures, we provide accurate and precise testing results at an affordable price.

BioCascade exclusively utilizes Kinetichrome™ Anti-Xa and Anti-IIa heparin test kits in our test protocols, as these kits were developed to comply with pharmacopeial guidelines. Clients wishing to conduct their own heparin activity tests should contact our sister company Provision Kinetics () for information on Anti-IIa and Anti-Xa heparin activity kits.