BIO for Microsoft Dynamics Product Overview

By: Bio Analytics  09-12-2011

The BIO Visualization Layer–Present
The visualization layer is the actual interface used to view, interact with, and analyze the informational content generated by the BI application. The BIO platform includes BIOVue, a powerful built-in analytics viewer. BIOVue is used by tens of thousands of users around the world. This “better-than-Excel” interface for BI provides non-technical, non-accounting personnel with a self-service, interactive visualization experience.
Delivery answers the question, “How do I get to the data?” Scorecards, report cards, dashboards, and reports can be created with BIOVue and displayed using BIOVue or other delivery options. Views in BIOVue are simply URLs, so they can easily be inserted as shortcuts in Outlook, as webparts in SharePoint or the Dynamics Business Portal, and even into MS PowerPoint and MS Word, without any loss of functionality.
The BIO Foundation–Optimize
The BIO application optimizes the data by dynamically creating dimensions and hierarchies, cubes, and calculated expressions. The non-programmer can update and add to these structures, create his or her own structures and extend BIO to include other data sources, ISV products, and system customizations. BIO assumes the complexity of creating and maintaining and adaptable analysis services environment and allows the user to focus on the analysis at hand.
The BIO Foundation–Harvest
The BIO platform blends classic BI and data warehousing concepts and the capabilities of today’s SQL Server and hardware performance with the BI requirements of the middle market. The goal? To reduce the cost, complexity, risk, and time to implement company-specific BI solutions based on a standardized ERP framework.The BIO platform is Microsoft-centric and leverages the Microsoft SQL Server development platform. The BIO application harvests data from transactional and other sources and dynamically creates a data warehouse, integration service packages, and job schedules.

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By eliminating the technical and development resources typically required for a business intelligence implementation, the cost, risk and time to deliver a successful implementation are reduced. Initial penetration of BI into an organization is evolutionary; achieve success in a few smaller/simpler BI projects at the departmental level before adopting an enterprise roll-out.