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By: Bio Analytics  09-12-2011

BIO implementation services are performed by experienced business consultants – not developers and technologists. By eliminating the technical and development resources typically required for a business intelligence implementation, the cost, risk and time to deliver a successful implementation are reduced.

By working directly with a BIO business consultant, your combined ideas and potential solutions can be rapidly deployed by that same individual in the prototype environment. This one-to-one relationship eliminates the difficulties of engaging another person for technical development and deployment.

Available services:

  • Planning services:  scoping and validating BI requirements
  • Implementation services:  BI data migration, BI conversion, and project management
  • Training services:  customized and/or group sessions
  • Ongoing consulting and support to enhance and refine your specific BI requirements

Professional services from BIO Analytics Corporation are available directly from BIO Analytics or a BIO Analytics partner. The implementation methodology leverages years of working with midmarket companies and the specific informational and organizational issues associated with their industry.
Our methodology is guided by the following principles:

  • Initial penetration of BI into an organization is evolutionary; achieve success in a few smaller/simpler BI projects (Phase I) at the departmental level before adopting an enterprise roll-out.
  • Allow for a period of “self-learning” for an organization to achieve an understanding of the potential of BI based on its own experiences and on its interaction with the Phase I solution.
  • Provide a rapid, interactive prototype environment where ideas and recommendations can be shown rather than described.

Proof of concept (POC) and prototyping are huge assets to ensure the success, cost-effectiveness and value of your solution. POCs enable a coming together of the minds between client-specific opportunities and opportunities that are available with today’s BI technology.

The BIO platform enables a rapid prototyping environment with your own source data. We encourage our prospective clients to do a small prototype upfront to determine scope and costs while presenting the potential a BIO solution can have for their organization.

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BIO for Microsoft Dynamics Product Overview

To reduce the cost, complexity, risk, and time to implement company-specific BI solutions based on a standardized ERP framework.The BIO platform is Microsoft-centric and leverages the Microsoft SQL Server development platform.