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By: Bill Lynch  09-12-2011
Keywords: Public Relations, government relations, Diversity Planning

Government Relations

Bill Lynch Associates has longstanding relationships with elected officials and government agencies at the city, state, and federal levels. We also have strong ties to diverse racial and ethnic communities, as well as the religious community, the LGBT community, and those in labor, advocacy, sports and entertainment. Our services include:

  • Assisting in public hearings
  • Negotiating with legislators, executives and committees
  • Developing support from community groups and leaders
  • Organizing and conducting lobby days
  • Arranging and facilitating meetings with legislators and community groups
  • Developing a long-term lobby strategy

Campaign Consulting

The team at Bill Lynch Associates has consulted with and managed scores of campaigns at the national, state and local levels. We can provide day-long and half-day intensive consultations for men and women considering public office as well as ongoing consultation services for those who decide to run. We will help you design your campaign literature, produce advertising, and coordinate media buys. Our services include campaign management, graphic and web design, voter file management and list enhancement. We will prepare you to make effective presentations to key players in your constituency as well as to the press.

Media Training and Public Relations

At Bill Lynch Associates, we prepare our clients for tough public appearances. Whether you are facing the press on a controversial or delicate issue or giving a presentation to a few key investors, delivering an effective message and being prepared for difficult questions are crucial. We teach our clients the science of media and public appearance so they can command the stage and control any situation. We'll help you achieve the perfect sound bite, press hit, and high marks from your target audience.

Ad Buying and Production

Bill Lynch Associates offers comprehensive ad buying and production experience across all media: print, radio, television and the Internet. We use a mix of tools to create targeted marketing programs. Our efficient media planning and buying strategies reflect a critical understanding of the diversity and complexities of today’s marketplace. We fuse broad reach media, online marketing, direct marketing and custom marketing to give you the results you want.

Diversity Planning

At Bill Lynch Associates, we believe that diversifying management and staff should not be done defensively or to avoid lawsuits, but to make an organization as strong and effective as it can be by reflecting the community in which it operates and the clients it serves. In addition to helping you diversify your organization effectively, we can provide training for your staff, drawing on decades of experience in the field. These trainings include presentations by Bill Lynch on his experiences in New York City and South Africa, as well as workshops conducted by his senior staff on how to benefit from workplace diversity.

Public Relations and Crisis Management

Bill Lynch Associates has an experienced team that can help clients effectively develop, manage and communicate their messages through a combination of earned and paid media. Our services range from drafting a speech for a corporate leader and preparing testimony for a public policy body to developing a comprehensive marketing campaign for long-term projects.

We also provide skilled and experienced hands to guide you through crises. Even before a crisis arises, we can design a crisis management plan that will enable you to hit the ground running — avoiding the kinds of delays that may worsen the situation.

Land Use and Community Relations

At Bill Lynch Associates, we design community relations programs that both advance our client's reputation and enhance civic life within the community. With a decade of real estate experience, we also offer an understanding of the zoning, policy and political climate of any land use matter as well as creative solutions to complex situations. These solutions include generating support for a client's development project, dealing constructively with opposition to a project, creating networks of local supporters, and preventing opposition-sponsored rumors from damaging clients' proposals.

Focus Group Research

Located in the heart of Harlem, Bill Lynch Associates is uniquely situated to access the communities and markets we know best. With a newly established, state-of-the-art focus group facility and the ability to recruit from a variety of demographics, we offer our clients the option of full-service marketing research, collaborative projects with BLA staff, or self-administered focus groups. Our personalized, in-depth marketing research translates goals into reality.

Keywords: Diversity Planning, government relations, Public Relations,