Free Website SEO Review

By: Bill Biko  09-12-2011

Free Website Review for Calgary and Area Businesses

Wondering what your website needs to get found by clients? Would a FREE review of your website help?

Would knowing where you stand against your top ten competitors help? Would understanding where you rank for up to five key search terms for your business be beneficial? For many people, knowing this is about as useful as knowing why airplanes stay in the air? It’s the Bernoulli principle if you really want to know, but the important thing is the plane stays up and your web site should attract visitors!

That’s why we not only provide the information, but provide explanations of what it means, how improving it will affect your business and provide solutions to improve your site. So not just the what, but the why and how as well.

Here’s what we do for YOU:

Check your current ranking for up to five key words people search for you or your business with.

This tells you how you compare to the competition, some companies aren’t even aware of the terms people search for them or for products in their industry so we can show you how you measure up.

Tell you how many people search for those five terms each day

Determine the top ten competitors for those five keywords

If you don’t know the competition, you won’t know how to beat them or even if you can!

We’ll tell you your current Pagerank and Alexa Ranking

This will give you another comparison against your competition and will really determine how difficult outranking competitors will be.

We’ll review whether your site is optimized for your keywords and provide suggestions if it isn’t.

Often a simple optimization or addition of missing key words can change how well you rank, helping prospective clients find you first rather than the competitors! Often this can be the quickest way to adding additional profits to the companies bottom line.

We’ll even help you get registered on Googles Local search directories if you are a business for FREE.

Just being registered can give you a huge boost in search rankings and so few companies understand how to do this it gives you an edge and who couldn’t use an edge in this economy?

Now this isn’t everything we cover, but as you can see the information listed above can have a significant impact on your web presence. Much of the other info is more technical in nature. This includes information like inbound links to your site, sitemap analysis, metatag use, domain name review, identifying the number of pages on the site and checking the overall speed of the site. Of course we will provide explanations for all of these processes, but for now it’s just enough to know we are quite thorough with your report!

As an added bonus every couple of months (or more often as free time dictates) I will provide a free makeover for some of the most problematic sites. So if your site, or your companies site either gets ignored or your clients routinely joke about how bad it is, you need to sign up for a Free review NOW! The sign up form is off to the right, so get on it!

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