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By: Bill Biko  09-12-2011
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Facebook is huge, with over 500 million users worldwide it is a great place to gain some beneficial exposure. The problem of course is how can you stand out and get noticed by even a tiny sliver of the Facebook people.

If you have ever visited a Fanpage in Facebook more often than not you are greeted by a sea of text, with no direction and no call to action to potential fans. This is where having a custom welcome page can give you that little bit of an edge over the competition.

The "Wall" of Fanpage text

We can create custom graphics specifically designed for you and your page that not only make the page itself more attractive and memorable, but also help you gain more fans. By converting more visitors to fans your business benefits in multiple ways. The additional fan allows your branding and your message to be seen not just by your new fan, but by the friends of your fan as well. This leads to attracting even more fans and the cycle goes on.

A Custom Welcome Page

As the number of fans increase, this also creates more Social Proof to future visitors and helps to perpetuate the growth. Further allowing your message to grow.

For even more compelling messages, custom videos can be created that greet first time visitors and result in even higher rates of fan conversion. There really is no end to the creativity that can be produced and this can create an additional viral wave of visitors and new fans as word of your page grows.

More Fans = More Exposure!

For a base customization with the custom welcome page, the custom profile picture and the installation of all the necessary code to make the process work we charge a very affordable $497 per page. If you want to go above and beyond the ordinary and move into a very customized setup prices do rise accordingly.

The information in this article was current at 06 Dec 2011

Keywords: Custom Videos

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