By: Bigono  09-12-2011


Application Strategy formulation and deployment

For almost any business IT is a source of operational excellence and competitive advantage. A well formulated IT Strategy helps a business take IT decisions that are future oriented and that are in line with overall business objectives rather than being focused on fixing current operational issues. Our consultants are experienced with value creating approaches to IT and can work with the business leadership to create better business value from IT.

Preparedness assessment for large scale IT initiatives

Planning and managing large IT initiatives is complex. The stakeholders involved are many, risks are difficult to identify, scope evolves only over time and people involved can change. In such circumstances an IT project , in order to be successful, requires the business to be prepared on dimensions like ownership, governance, project management, change management, project organization etc. Without it the readiness of a business to initiate the IT project gets hampered which finally results into more money spent on it than budgeted. Our consultants have a vast experience of successfully handling large IT initiatives and can work with you to assess your preparedness level for large scale IT initiatives.

SCM application evaluation and selection

Selection of a right business application is extremely important due to the impact it has on the business itself. Short term thinking or ill informed decisions can prove costly in the long run. Our highly experienced consultants can work with you to help evaluate various business applications in a structured and methodical manner to ensure a right fit between the business requirements and features of business application.