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By: Big Case Marketing  09-12-2011
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BCM’s Dental Practice Management Products Take Your Practice to New Levels.

Big Case Marketing Summit DVD

The annual Big Case Marketing Summit is focused on marketing and sales for highly trained clinicians. Since we know that there are always some conflicts with attending, we’ve made recordings of the presentations and put them all on a DVD data disk in mp3 format for our clients and friends. Here are the 11 dental marketing topics presented:

  • The New Dental Economy
  • Web Video Made Crazy Easy
  • A Week in a Statistically Top 1% Performing Practice
  • Being Everywhere on the Internet
  • You Don’t Plan, You Don’t Get.
  • The Annual Marketing Calendar
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures
  • Ruthless Time Management in a Time Destroying Age
  • Preventing Sabotage of Your Marketing Budget
  • What Competitors? The Blue Ocean Dental Practice
  • The Oral-Inflammatory Connection
  • How to Create Expert Status Quickly

The $85,000 Case Presentation Secrets CD

This CD contains a live case presentation of an $85,000 case that went to yes as well as a frank discussion about what made the case go forward. Dentists from around the globe have closed multiple $30K-$50K cases just by having listened to the presentation. It will boost your case acceptance for EVERY type of case-guaranteed. Please note limited copies are available.

The $127,000 ICOI Implant Presentation CD

Dentists worldwide have closed substantial cases (even up to $50K just by having reviewed and listened to this presentation made the ICOI meeting).

After repeated requests, the infamous and controversial presentation that shocked an entire association is now available for individual doctors. Listeners heralded it as a presentation where “finally a real clinician had the guts to say what had to be said with large complex case marketing.” A “godfather” of implantology, Dr. John Hoar remarked “the best marketing and case acceptance lecture I’ve ever heard.” Multiple doctors went away and immediately closed more cases just by having sat in the room for this landmark discussion. Now dentists worldwide are closing more cases just by having listened to the 3 CD set. Play these on your drive to the office and you’ll be closing more cases too. No Big Case library is complete without this presentation!

A Consumer’s Guide to “Vacation” or “Holiday” Dentistry

Holiday Dentistry isn’t going to go away thanks to the internet and cheap international travel. Your state or provincial governing dental body has no control over this issue. Your best defense is to put information in front of your patient that discusses “untoward outcomes” of such holidays. Dr. McAnally’s new, one-of-a kind, guide is the best way to inform patients of what they should consider before venturing hundreds to thousands of miles/kilometers for short term savings on their complex reconstructive or implant dentistry. Get this guide and have more of your consultations pursue treatment where they are better off—with you. Consumer’s Guide to Vacation Dentistry.

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Dentist Hiring Guide | Big Case Marketing

If you are ready to stop randomly going about hiring and to make better hires for the long term, Big Case Marketing’s Automatic Hiring for Dentists shows you exactly how with all the steps and details provided. Kolbe® testing is one of the best operational tests to use with hiring and you’ll find the exact sequence of events on how to set-up the correct operational traits needed for any position in the office.


Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentist Marketing Book

Implant Direct can provide you with high quality, innovative, cost effective hardware to be successful in implant dentistry, but this Guide provides you the software to reach your full potential as an implant dentist.. If you want to enjoy seeing more complex cases in your practice, this guide covers the ground needed to get you there faster and with fewer mistakes.


Management Products to Grow Your Dental Practice

Stand alone products are made available that promote better business practices to the profession at large as well as provide the clinician with one more way to “test the water” before pursuing membership in a structured Program. The majority of Big Case Marketing’s Strategies and Systems are member only items.