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By: Big Case Marketing  09-12-2011
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Here’s what a few noted reviewers say:

“If you want to enjoy seeing more complex cases in your practice, this guide covers the ground needed to get you there faster and with fewer mistakes. Dentistry’s needed this book for decades and finally has it!”

- Dr. Larry Brooks, Smile-Vision Labs,

“This Guide gets you on the right track for your marketing of dental implants. In the early 1970′s, when advertising became ethically acceptable, I used it effectively to bring a large volume of implant patients to my practice. This ultimately afforded me the opportunity to gain the clinical knowledge and surgical experience to develop the Core-Vent Implant System. I launched Core-Vent in 1982 and by 1990 Core-Vent Corporation was the leading seller of dental implants in the world. Every journey starts with a first step, and Dr. McAnally’s book will let that first step for marketing, be a giant leap for your professional satisfaction and financial security. Implant Direct can provide you with high quality, innovative, cost effective hardware to be successful in implant dentistry, but this Guide provides you the software (knowledge) to reach your full potential as an implant dentist.”

- Dr. Jerry Niznick, Prosthodontist and President, Implant Direct,

“As Canada’s leading vendor of state-of-the-art dental biological materials and instrumentation, we understand how difficult it is for most practitioners to fully apply what dentistry can offer the reconstructive patient, due to issues surrounding marketing and case acceptance. This Guide puts the surgical and prosthodontic specialist (as well as the generalist with advanced training) on the fast track to more success and satisfaction in their practice.”

- Carl Mazur, Ph.D. Biodenix Technologies, Inc.,

It’s a guaranteed way to get your practice growing again as the economy begins to show signs of life. Your peers report their practice lives having been changed for the better just by reading this book!

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Keywords: dentistry, implant, Marketing

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