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By: Big Book Step Study  09-12-2011

5th International Big Book Step Study Convention ..

Friends and Relatives of Alcoholics Big Book Step Study Group (s)

Because they use AA Literature (BB) they are not listed in the Alanon Meeting list book. Local meetings include: Sundays..

Ernie Kurtz has very graciously allowed the articles in his book "The Collected Ernie Kurtz" to be made available online for anyone who wishes to download and read them.

Ernest Kurtz, THE..

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Big Book Step - Varieties of Religious Experiences

When Bill Wilson made his last visit to to Towns Hospital for the treatment of Alcoholism, either Ebby T. or Rowland H. brought him a copy of The Varieties of Religious Experiences by William James. James and Varieties are mentioned twice in The Big Book, In the chapter titled There is a Solution on page 28, and in the appendix describing "Spiritual Experience" as AA understood it.


Big Book Step - The AA Tablemate

Little pamphlets from the modern New York G.S.O. are not designed to be the kind of good solid meat-and-potatoes literature which must be read and studied and discussed in meetings in order to keep the spirit of original old time A.A. alive and still saving alcoholics from destruction today.