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By: Bible Media  09-12-2011
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The Audio Bible Suite includes, 81 CDs, DVDs & MP3s.
The most comprehensive multiple format audio Bible collection.

Don’t have time to read?

Listen to the King James Version of the audio Bible on CD, MP3 Bible on CD or watch on TV the entire Old & New Testament talking Bible DVD narrated by
Alexander Scourby, the “Voice of The Bible”.

The Bible Media Suite Contains ALL OF The Following:

The Entire Bible Narrated on MP3 DVD Disc

This is THE talking bible! Because of the compression offered by the mp3 format, the entire KJV Bible, 72 hours of recording, fits on to one disk. This is the most flexible and convenient audio format. If you have an mp3 player, you can listen to the words of the Bible anywhere on earth. The complete King James Bible narrated by Alexander Scourby with each chapter recorded on a separate mp3 file. The MP3 files can be played on any computer, all MP3 players like the Apple iPod and most DVD players.

The Entire Bible Dramatized on MP3 DVD Disc

This version of the Alexander Scourby’s recording of the King James Bible is ideal for the youth. This 72 hour recording in mp3 format has each chapter in a separate mp3 file for convenience and flexibility. The complete DRAMATIZED recording has music, sound effects and different voices to bring characters to life. Alexander Scourby narrates all the bridge verses and all non character parts. The MP3 files can be played on any computer, all MP3 players like the Apple iPod and most DVD players.

Scenic Wonders Bible on 11 DVDs

The entire New Testament narrated by Alexander Scourby combined with beautiful natural scenic wonders that were filmed all over the world. Put these DVDs into your DVD player and be thrilled as you watch God's creation on TV and hear the New Testament inspirationally narrated by Alexander Scourby. This twenty two hour video series on 11 DVDs was a made for TV series which won high acclaim and sold on TV for $189.00. Now it's yours as part of this incredible Bible Media Suite.

Bible on DVD with narration and scrolling text

Alexander Scourby Narration of the entire Audio Bible along with synchronized text. Select and play an entire Bible book, skip to next or previous chapter within a Bible book. Select and play one chapter at a time, fast forward or back within chapter. Table of contents for easy navigation. Can be played on any DVD Player and watched on TV screen or computer monitor. Can also be opened with several media player programs such as RealPlayer.

The Indestructible Book on DVD

This is the incredible story of how the first English Bible came to be written. Filmed on location in England, this is the thrilling story of William Tyndale, a man whose courage and conviction gave the world our First English Bible. A moving story about people who gave their lives so we could have a Bible in English. This is an inspiring video that will give you a new appreciation of the Bible.

Here's what you get
in your Bible Media Suite for Only $99.95:

Alexander Scourby's #1 Rated Bible narration on 60 audio CDs $159.95
The entire DRAMATIZED Bible on 1 MP3 Disc $69.95
The entire narrated Bible on DVD with scrolling text $79.95
Scenic Wonders Video Bible (New Testament) on 11 DVDs $189.95
Scenic Wonders Video Bible (Psalms and Proverbs) on 5 DVDs $89.95
Award Winning Prophecy of Israel TV Documentary DVD $29.95
Indestructible Book DVD TV Documentary $19.95
Bible Knowledge Accelerator (download) $179.95
2 zipper carrying cases to hold all of the CDs & DVDs $19.95

Full retail value of individual items in the Suite $899.50

USA Toll Free Order Line: 1-888-508-8495
International or Fax Line:+1-818-332-9467

Shipping $12.95 USA, $27.95 Canada & Mexico & $39.95 International

If you are not satisfied with your order for any reason, you may return it within 60 days for a full refund - no questions asked. You can even keep the free Indestructible Book and the Bible Knowledge Accelerator as our way of saying thank you for your time.

A Personal Message From Alexander Scourby

November 13 1913 - February 22 1985

Dear Friend of the Bible:

"I offer you the most rewarding gift you will ever have an opportunity to give someone you love .. THE HOLY BIBLE ..the world's most important book, and a gift of a lifetime for anyone to receive. Although I have narrated more than 500 books, I consider the Bible my most important work. Why? Because it is the one book that has the power to inspire, encourage, comfort and change the life of the person who hears it. I know this because during the many years since I narrated the bible, numerous people have written thanking me for creating such a beautiful reading. I have been greatly humbled and moved by the many letters I have received from people around the world telling me how God used the Bible narrations to change their lives and the lives of their loved ones, encourage them in their hour of need, and even healed them as they listened to the Words of Life.

I am very honored that God chose me as an instrument to narrate his eternal Word. I am awed by the realization that after I transcend this earthly realm to the heavenly, this beautiful recording will still be here to comfort and encourage all who will listen. I am also proud that I recorded the King James Version. Although many other versions of the Bible have been written, the King James Version is my favorite. It is still recognized by Bible scholars and academics as the most accurate and most beautiful rendition .. and for the sheer beauty of the English Language the King James Version has no equal. I know that you will love it. "

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