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By: Beyond Measure Design  09-12-2011
Keywords: Engineering, Construction Drawings

Beyond Measure Design Inc. is the first mobile residential design service to come to Saskatoon & area home builders. We combine the use of 3D design software, flexible meeting times & timely product turnaround to achieve our goal..PRELIMINARY DESIGN
Preliminary Designs are for the purpose of decision making and pricing out the cost of the home. All decisions that affect the overall layout and structure should be considered and decided on at this stage prior to the completion of the Construction Drawings. Includes 2 hours of consultation meetings as well as 6 hours of drafting time. Any time spent above & beyond this will be charged at a hourly rate. Preliminary Designs include Floor Plans(as required), Exterior Elevations & Site Plan.


Construction Drawings are better known as blueprints or working drawings. These are the documents used for the construction and quotation of materials for the home. All the items included within the set of construction drawings are the minimum required by the City of Saskatoon for a building permit to be issued. They are in 11x17 size format which is now the industry standard for residential construction.

Roof truss layouts and Engineered floor layouts are supplied by the truss/floor plants and are not included in the set of drawings. Heating and Ventilation design/ drawings are not included in the construction drawings and are to be provided by your Mechanical contractor. Includes Site Plan, Foundation Plan, Floor Plans(all levels required), Cross Sections, Electrical, Exterior Elevations and any minor details needed to explain unique items within the home.

Any customization made to the drawings after the initial check set is issued(ex. changing wall heights, changing foundation type) will be charged at an hourly rate. This amount will be added onto the cost of the construction drawing. Also note that Engineering required for walkout basements, rooms over garages or retaining walls are not included in the above fees. They will be billed once received from the engineer. Repeat construction drawings can be discussed upon instance.

Keywords: Construction Drawings, Engineering