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By: Bevibrant  09-12-2011

This mousse is so light, so airy, so decadent, and so HEALTHY! The secret ingredient? PUMPKIN! Yup! It’s true. This guilt-free goodie helps to lower heart disease, prevent against cancer, and is great for expecting mums for it’s high folate content. You wouldn’t even know! And oh so, so good.

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The program is designed to educate employees on how to improve their overall well-being, make healthier choices, and take actions towards living a more balanced life. BeVibrant works with corporations to design and deliver customized wellness programs to meet the needs of both the organization and its employees. Nutrition and Healthy Eating curriculum for students. In-Class Food Demonstrations and hands-on workshops.


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Winter 2010AMID colder temperatures, shorter days and the hustle and bustle of winter festivities, the season may also bring along bouts of the cold or ?u. Bah, humbug. Here are some food tips to keep your immune system in tip-top shape, keeping you healthy and strong so you can enjoy all the good tidings of the season.


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Lentils are packed with cholesterol-lowering, hunger-busting, blood sugar balancing fiber, along with protein, tryptophan which stimulates your ‘happy’ neurotransmitters, and iron to boost energy. Adding red peppers to the soup help to increase iron absorption due to high vitamin C content.