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By: Betty B's  09-12-2011
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Betty B's Original Pepper Sauce

Betty B's original pepper sauce is where it all started. Not copied and never compromised. Our original home style pepper sauce is just that….Original! Anyone looking for an authentic Caribbean home style hot sauce can look no further!Using a special mixture of scotch bonnet peppers and seasoning(s) our original pepper sauce gives you that special taste of the Caribbean with each or any meal! Betty B's Original Pepper sauce can be used as a condiment, Marinade, or/and dip.

Betty B's Mild Pepper Sauce

Our Betty B's Mild Pepper Sauce is made so anyone that wants a Caribbean taste with just a little heat can have it.We use Pimento peppers for our base as they have a wonderful fresh aroma with that unique pepper flavor without the heat. This allows the flavors of the other seasonings to come through. Scotch bonnet peppers add that little kick giving it that trade mark heat.Betty B's Mild Pepper sauce can be used as a condiment, marinade or a dip.

Betty B's Rel Hot Pepper Sauce

Our Betty B's Rel-Hot Pepper sauce is for people with special taste buds, able to endure the tasty heat this sauce packs. A special blend of scotch bonnet peppers allows us to give you a heat so hot it will make your head tingle, but so tasty you'll keep coming back for more.Betty B's Rel-Hot Pepper sauce can be used as a condiment, marinade or a dip.

Betty B's Seasoning

Our seasoning is a traditional seasoning from Trinidad. In Trinidad every home would season their meats, stews, curries and vegetarian foods with the basics. Garlic, salt, pepper, and shadow beny or bandanya (this is a green long leaf about 6-9 inches in length. It is native to the Caribbean and Asia.) We have created a home style seasoning that gives you the foundation to any Trinidadian recipe.Our Seasoning is a versatile product. You can use it as condiment, pesto, marinade or even a dip.

Betty B's Flaming Tomato Ketchup

Betty B's Flaming Tomato Ketchup is an explosion of flavors. With the use of fresh ingredients from the Caribbean, we have spiced up ketchup like no other. Making Betty B's Flaming Tomato Ketchup an unrivaled product…

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