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By: Bettertrades  09-12-2011
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BetterTrades helps traders learn to manage their stock market trading through a variety of stock trading software tools, including Real Time Markets, Extreme Charts & Simutrade Manager, and The Dedicated Trader. The Dedicated Trader is an online subscription-based tool designed to give its members up-to-date trading information throughout the day.

The Dedicated Trader is an exclusive membership-only information source that is updated constantly throughout the trading day, providing access to detailed stock quotes, option quotes, sentiment indicators and interactive candlestick charts. Your subscription to The Dedicated Trader connects you to exclusive high-level information on covered calls, channeling stocks, credit spreads, upgrades and downgrades, company profiles, earnings estimates, analyst ratings, industry comparisons, market calendars, potential and announced splits and economic events.

Whether you are a new trader or a sophisticated investor using advanced strategies, The Dedicated Trader is your daily link to choice market information and in-depth market news and analysis.

Your membership in The Dedicated Trader from BetterTrades provides information in four major centers:

  • Education Center: Stock investment options, option trading strategies, market analysis, charts and trends
  • Trading Center: Covered calls, put selling, credit spreads, buying options and watch lists
  • Market Research: Global and domestic market news, fundamental and technical analysis, upgrades and downgrades, calendars, quotes and indicators
  • Trading Tools: Glossary of more than 3,000 financial and investment terms, links to additional resources, the latest trading books and resources

The Dedicated Trader brings functionality to every user. Each Center is filled with valuable information designed to serve traders at all levels of knowledge and experience - from the newest beginner to the most advanced. Traders will quickly find this powerful online trading system essential to providing up-to-the-minute market info all day long. Whether you work from home or office, The Dedicated Trader is at your fingertips.

And because The Dedicated Trader is online 24/7, you can maximize your time - read and research at your own pace, whenever it works best for you. Get familiar with all the system features. Stay current on the markets with Intraday Market Update, a feature that updates the latest on Wall Street every 30 minutes. Use the interactive candlestick charts to enhance your own technical analysis. Check out earnings estimates on any company trading on the markets today.

Bonus: The Dedicated Trader offers an annual add-on subscription for traders who want input directly from the BetterTrades coaches. Commentaries from Bob Eldridge, Markay Latimer, Darlene Powell and Ryan Litchfield are available at least three times each week.

In addition to The Dedicated Trader, look for these BetterTrades software stock trading tools:

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Other products and services from Bettertrades


Stock Market Education by Ryan Litchfield of BetterTrades

Ryan shows his students how to look at the trade setup in Extreme Charts, check the option chain available through The Dedicated Trader, and determine which is the best option trading strategy to use. The two-day live on-location class is designed to improve a student's stock market education by presenting an option trading strategy that removes the emotions from the process.


Stocks Charting & Japanese Candlesticks by BetterTrades

Extreme Charts & Simutrade Manager gives you an inclusive stock charting software package with a trio of modules - all designed to help you learn how to capitalize on your trading management needs. BetterTrades offers trading software called Extreme Charts & Simutrade Manager that allows traders to potentially project and evaluate price trends and make smarting trading decisions.


Real Time Markets stock market software, Extreme Charts charting program & Dedicated Trader by BetterTrades

The BetterTrades products, which are available only through the BetterTrades company, offers the versatility and flexibility that can be helpful to those learning to trade the stock market. By operating a trading account as a business, instead of an individual, a person can potentially take advantage of numerous tax advantages not typically available to individuals.


Stock Market Software by BetterTrades

Designed to give you the trading tools you need to function in a fast changing market, Real Time Markets lets you pull streaming quotes from each exchange and delivers it directly to your desktop. A student learning to trade the stock market today can potentially cut their learning curve by using the Real Time Markets trading software from BetterTrades.