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By: Bettertrades  09-12-2011
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A student learning to trade the stock market today can potentially cut their learning curve by using the Real Time Markets trading software from BetterTrades. It lets you track and analyze up to 10 portfolios and 500 stocks.

Real Time Markets gives you the same information - at the same time - as exchange floor professionals. Designed to give you the trading tools you need to function in a fast changing market, Real Time Markets lets you pull streaming quotes from each exchange and delivers it directly to your desktop. Whether you are a beginning trader or more experienced, this state-of-the-art stock market software is what you need to fill your orders at the best possible prices.

Finding success in the stock market means learning to use the right stock trading tools. That's why Real Time Markets is potentially so valuable. This software provides information in real time, as promptly and efficiently as possible, thereby potentially reducing risk and enhancing your daily trading routine and your personal trading system.

In addition to Real Time Markets, look for these BetterTrades software stock trading tools:

Keywords: Market Software, stock market, Stock Trading, trading software, Trading Tools

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Stock Market Education by Ryan Litchfield of BetterTrades

Ryan shows his students how to look at the trade setup in Extreme Charts, check the option chain available through The Dedicated Trader, and determine which is the best option trading strategy to use. The two-day live on-location class is designed to improve a student's stock market education by presenting an option trading strategy that removes the emotions from the process.


Stocks Charting & Japanese Candlesticks by BetterTrades

Extreme Charts & Simutrade Manager gives you an inclusive stock charting software package with a trio of modules - all designed to help you learn how to capitalize on your trading management needs. BetterTrades offers trading software called Extreme Charts & Simutrade Manager that allows traders to potentially project and evaluate price trends and make smarting trading decisions.


Real Time Markets stock market software, Extreme Charts charting program & Dedicated Trader by BetterTrades

The BetterTrades products, which are available only through the BetterTrades company, offers the versatility and flexibility that can be helpful to those learning to trade the stock market. By operating a trading account as a business, instead of an individual, a person can potentially take advantage of numerous tax advantages not typically available to individuals.


Trading Information & Technical Analysis by BetterTrades

BetterTrades helps traders learn to manage their stock market trading through a variety of stock trading software tools, including Real Time Markets, Extreme Charts & Simutrade Manager, and The Dedicated Trader. The Dedicated Trader is an online subscription-based tool designed to give its members up-to-date trading information throughout the day.