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By: Bettertrades  09-12-2011
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BetterTrades coach Ryan Litchfield is able to help speed your stock market learning curve through his Traders Forge class. The two-day live on-location class is designed to improve a student's stock market education by presenting an option trading strategy that removes the emotions from the process.

In teaching how to take advantage of option spreads, Ryan Litchfield wants his students to be able to think clearly while making decisions. This part of the stock market education is made possible by Ryan's insistence that an option trading strategy is best considered after the market is closed. By laying out a plan after hours, a trader can concentrate on the task at hand, and not worry about all the stock market action that proves a distraction.

Ryan shows his students how to look at the trade setup in Extreme Charts, check the option chain available through The Dedicated Trader, and determine which is the best option trading strategy to use. Ryan uses a series of if-then questions in the stock market education process to determine which option spread to use the next day. The trades are set up in the evening as contingency order on Real Time Markets and are executed the next day when the target price is attained.

The opening portion of the first day of the Traders Forge is spent learning how Ryan's charting and bracketing system works. Trades are examined in terms of what happens if a stock turns bullish or turns bearish, and then explains the next step in the process. This part of the option trading strategy is what removes the emotional aspect, since the next step in the option spreads is already determined. This is a crucial part of the stock market education.

Much of the next two days is spent in speed drills, an important part of the stock market education process. Ryan takes students through the option trading strategy that shows how the plan actually unfolds. Ryan goes back in time and walks through simulated trades, asking students what they would do under specific situations. This makes the students think about the next step and how it would impact the trade, depending on which way the market moved.

Ryan takes great pride in this portion of his option trading strategy. In two days he will put a student through 10 months worth of training. This sort of immersion will help put a person's stock market education on the fast track. By this time things start to become second nature. Uncertainty about options trading and option spreads start to become clearer.

Ryan's stock market education can be a powerful avenue toward using an option trading strategy to achieve financial success. It's also a chance to network with other likeminded individuals and meet fellow traders who are using the same sort of system to execute better trades. The energy in the room is high and the excitement feeds from one individual to the other.

For those who are unable to attend the Traders Forge in person, this leg of stock market education is available on DVD. This enables traders to learn at their own speed and gives them the ability to rewind and repeat material they don't understand. After taking the Traders Forge class, traders may want to look into the Technically Speaking class offered by coach Markay Latimer. It takes a closer look at price patterns and indicators and can be another great step in the stock market education process.

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