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By: Best Green Hedges  09-12-2011
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-An ideal trim would consist of roughly 1/3 of the heavy brush being removed from the outer branches, limbs, and dead decaying brush on the inside.

-Hedges and shrubs should be cut at certain times of the year in Canada. A more frequent cut encourages growth provided the weather is not dry and hot.

-A common mistake is simply cutting the top of a hedge or bush which only encourages growth on the top of the hedge, thus killing the lower limbs.

-It is also important not to cut a hedge or bush into the shape of a V because the bottom branches will die due to lack of sunlight.

-The best method of trimming an average hedge is to copy it's natural shape and aim for an inverted V shape.

Thank you for reviewing some common tips for hedge trimming. If you have anymore questions or want to know more then feel free to contact us.

Keywords: Hedge, Hedge Trimming

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