Collaborative Law

By: Berman H Michael  09-12-2011

I apply an informal collaborative approach to all cases. This means that I involve counsellors, accountants, and other experts as necessary, and share that information with the other side. I set up four-way meetings to bring all parties together in one room to hash things out and reach an agreement.

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This can involve three-way mediation where I act as a mediator for both sides, in which case I do not advocate for any person but simply assist the parties in finding their own resolutions. Another common model of dispute resolution is four-way mediation, involving two lawyers and two clients meeting together. I always put great emphasis on mediating/negotiating all cases.


Online Consultations

With the use of scanners, phones, and online video conferencing equipment, I can offer advice and legal guidance to clients anywhere in British Columbia. I can assist with preparation of forms, affidavits, financial statements, and all other documents necessary at any stage of your case.


Trial Lawyer

I can offer general advice on whether or not to start a court action, and can assist with all documents needed to get your case into court. I have argued hundreds of cases in courts and tribunals and continually draw upon that extensive experience in all the work that I do. I am able to assist at any stage of the litigation/trial process. This includes both the provincial court and the supreme court.