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We service all makes and models of RVs new and used, as well as stock, flat deck, and cargo trailers. We can get your tow vehicle hitched and wired up to pull as well.

Our mobile unit spends alot of the summer servicing RVs at local golf clubs, , , Bashaw Golf and Country Club, , also campgrounds such as , The Sanctuary and Willow Grove Family Campground. We also service customers in and around rural Central Alberta including, Armena, Hay Lakes, Bittern Lake, New Norway, Ferintosh, , Meeting Creek, Edberg, Rosalind, Bawlf, Daysland, Round Hill, Kinsella, Viking, Holden, Ryley, Strome, Killam, Sedgewick, Lougheed, Hardisty, Hughendon, Czar, and everywhere in between.

We can repair or replace your fridge, air conditioner, furnace, water heater, awning, windows, siding, roof, vents, holding tanks and plumbing and much more..

We can maintain your RV as well, it has been my experience that most people are not aware of how important it is to inspect and service your exterior sealants, by doing this you can save yourself alot of money and inconvenience in the future.

Ben's RV Repair will work with your insurance company to get you fixed up in your time of need. 

You can book your appointment now for your spring dewinterize, LP gas and appliance test. Have us get your RV ready in the spring, so you don't have to be the one too, when you should be getting ready to go enjoy yourself at the lake.

The time is now to book an appointment to have your RV winterized!

If you haven't scheduled your RV to have it winterized, what are you waiting for? Last year, mid October water systems were freezing up, resulting in costly repairs. If your RV water system does freeze, it needs to be thawed in order to limit the damage, then properly winterized costing you time and money.

Don't wait until its to late, if you schedule your appointment and are concerned that it may freeze before I can get to you, here are some tips that may save you in the long run:

1) If you are using the unit, make sure the furnace and water heater are on, make sure there is enough propane so that you don't run out unexpectedly, if the temperature drops below -10 Celsius it is a good idea to open cupboards to allow warm air to get to the water lines. Skirting around your RV will also help.

2) If you are finished using your RV and waiting to have the water system winterized you can drain the water heater, open the taps, flush the toilet until no water runs into the bowl, some RVs have low point drains that can also be opened in order to drain some additional water from the lines. Keep in mind there is still water in the lines that could freeze and cause damage so I also recommend turning the furnace on if the temperature drops below zero and does not warm during the day.

The weather can change at the drop of a hat so don't get caught off guard!

The information I have provided aboveis to help you to prevent damage done due to freezing water, in no way do I guarantee this will prevent damage to your RVs water system, nor do I accept any responsibility for damage done due to water freezing in your RVs water system.

 Call or e-mail us to Book your appointment today!


Once the snow comes most people are done using their RV until spring, accept for a lucky few who fly south for the winter, the RV is winterized and put on a storage lot until spring, out of sight out of mind.

The winter months are the perfect time to have the routine maintenance done, repacking the wheel bearings, exterior sealant touch ups, that list of things that you keep meaning to get done but always forget about until you need it.Do you know why your screen door always sticks? Chances are I do and I can repair it during the winter months, when your not using your RV, making it available for you to use throughout the entire summer.


If you live in town and have limited space to park or maybe your not comfortable driving your RV once the snow arrives, ask about our storage options.

Snow Bird

Another service I offer to people heading too there homes south of the border, or maybe you have your RV setup at one of the many beautiful golf coarses in Alberta, I will come to your RV in the spring and get it ready to go for you. All you have to do is book the appointment and provide me with a key, it's just that simple. I will dewinterize the water system, open up the slides, preform an lp gas test to make sure there are no gas leaks and that the pressure is correct, I will fire up your appliances to make sure they are working, if there are any issues I will make you aware of them, and have them repaired before you need to use your RV.

Keywords: Rvs, WATER HEATER, Water System

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