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By: Bemorefitness  09-12-2011

FitDeck Fitness Cards

It's mission is to help build a foundation of fitness by creating hundreds of basic workouts that are: Simple, Convenient and Fun. FitDeck achieves this by delivering information in a playing card format that is easy to understand and simple to put into action. The growing list of FitDeck titles aims to connect with a diverse population of people on multiple levels (age, ability level, equipment, time available, motivation, etc.).

Your FitDeck contains 25 body weight exercises on playing cards. Pull them out anywhere for a quick workout with pictures and instructions. No equipment needed.

Purchase your FitDeck now for only $25.00!

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Subscription payments are for a minimum of 6 months and are ongoing for as long as a client is attending the bootcamps. Client must cancel any boot camp registration 7 days prior to the start of camp to receive a refund back to the pass. Subscription Payment Options (This means you're receiving 25% off every month of bootcamp. Our Boot Camps are suitable for every fitness level. Single Enrollment: 2 Days / Week Camp.