Belshaw Donut-Doughnut fryers, machines, and equipment

By: Belshaw Adamatic  09-12-2011

Since 1923 Belshaw donut machines and equipment have helped to produce many of the world's donuts!

Our customers include the top worldwide bakeries, quick service chains, and supermarkets. They also include donut shops and concession operators in almost every country, making Belshaw the industry standard in donut production equipment.

Join the thousands of bakery, retail and concession donut operators who rely on Belshaw equipment to produce one of the world's most delicious treats!

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Belshaw Donut Robot Doughnut Machines, Fryers

Donut Robot® machines deposit, fry, turn, and dispense cake donuts, yeast-raised donuts and mini donuts automatically - improving donut quality and reducing costs. Training and labor requirements are substantially reduced while quality, repeatable donuts are produced time after time.


Belshaw Adamatic BX 4_pan 10_pan Convection Oven for bakeries, stores, cafes

Belshaw Adamatic's BX Convection Ovens are designed to be the bakery-café industry's 1st choice convection oven because of their ability to reheat frozen baked goods of all kinds to perfection, as well as high quality par-baking and baking from scratch.