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By: Bellamy Homes  09-12-2011
Keywords: Construction Management, Architectural Plans

What do you need from us, to be able to quote on building our home?
In general we need to know, as precisely as possible, where your home is to be built and what it will look like. This means we will need to visit the site, and require a site plan, scaled drawings of the home that show precisely the floor layout, and all elevations: (front, side, and rear). We will also need to know what type of finishes you want in your home, such as exterior finish (stucco, Hardy, etc.), pools & outbuildings, and interior finishes (hardwood, granite etc.).

How do we get going on building our new home?
Once we have a set of architectural plans for the home: first a budget or building estimate is drawn by us and approved by you: we will require your financial and legal information for confirmation of financing and set up a cycle of exchanging of funds (draws). We then meet and sign the Building Contract. A deposit check (generally in the amount of about 10% of the total contract) is required at this time, and then a start date is established.

See what we mean: No Surprises, just straight talk, from start to finish.

How is the Budget & Construction Management Contract structured?
Cost-Plus Construction Management Contract:
This means that all invoices received by us relating to the Hard Costs are disclosed and our Construction Management Fee [calculated based on time and complexity of the home] is attached to them. Copies of all Hard Cost invoices for materials and sub-contractor labor etc. will be attached to your Bi-monthly invoices. Any increases or decreases in material or labour costs are passed directly on to you. A blank copy of this contract is available upon request.

Fixed price Building Contract: This means that a total price for the home (including the builder’s fees) is mutually agreed upon prior to construction. Allowances for items such as Cabinetry, Flooring, Plumbing fixtures, Lighting Fixtures, etc are given to allow the flexibility of customization, while maintaining control of your budget. You will receive pre-determined invoices based on a progress draw system. All cost increases in materials or labour for non-allowance items are absorbed by the builder. Most financial institutes and owners prefer the fixed price building contract as it is a pre-determined cost. A blank copy of this contract is available upon request.

Can we use our own suppliers for materials or our own sub- contractors or trades for construction or installation, or do the work ourselves?
We strongly recommend that you don’t. There can be serious implications to your New Home Warranty, as well as Insurance and on Site Safety implications etc.
Bellamy Homes has a seasoned Team of Professional Suppliers and Contractors that are proven reliable in their quality of service, high level of craftsmanship, very sharp pricing and adherence to project schedules.
We can, in some instances, accommodate other sub-contractors or suppliers; but they MUST be APPROVED for the project by Bellamy Homes. ALL materials provided by you MUST be CSA APPROVED.
All products and/or services provided by other than our Team of Professional Suppliers and Contractors remains subject to the Construction Management Fee as the burden of scheduling and supervision remains with us.
In the case where a client’s contractor is used on the project, Bellamy Homes reserves the right to hire its own preferred contractor to complete the work if it is deemed that completion of that phase is going to jeopardize the overall project schedule, and that may extend your possession date.
Overall, this is a complicated and potentially troublesome matter. Every time this has been proposed by a client, we have found that ultimately the cost, and consequences far outweigh the initially perceived savings.

What are your payment terms?
Construction begins upon receipt of your initial deposit.

Can we visit the site during the construction process?
The answer is a “qualified” Yes. You will be meeting with Les Bellamy at stated intervals in the construction process anyway. You can also visit the active construction site, unescorted, but we remind you that you would be visiting a potentially very dangerous place.

We require that a Waiver of Liability be signed by you to indemnifying Bellamy Homes from any responsibility, should you injure yourself while visiting. Children should not be on the construction site. We ask that your site visits be limited to after work hours on both weekdays and weekends.

See what we mean: No Surprises, just straight talk, from start to finish.

Keywords: Architectural Plans, Construction Management

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