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By: Bella Stella Resale  09-12-2011
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We Really Dig Naomi's. Les Schwab..Meh.

Naomi’s Organic Farm Store is a favorite in Portland. They act as a family resource and we love to see diverse, thriving small-businesses that really add something to the communities that support them. Apparently, Naomi’s is being kicked off the property they’ve been at for 3 years to make room for a Les Schwab.
I haven’t got anything against Les Schwab, in fact, they’ve helped me out in the past and I kinda feel like I owe them. Whoever “them” is. But since I don’t ACTUALLY know Les, and I do know the folks at Naomi (because they help me and a lot of my friends keep our chickens fed and our kids love their animals), my alliances are with the home team.

The fact is, we need Naomi’s.  Les, well, there are an awful lot of vacant spaces where small businesses have closed shop lately…could you grab one of those?

Beginning May 16th, bring a newbie to Bella Stella and both of you will receive 30% off your entire purchase of regularly priced new and used items!! We have lots of fun gift ideas for newborns to age eight, including beautiful Aden & Anais swaddling blankets, Little Lark onesies, Melissa & Doug art supplies, cutting food, floor puzzles, and so much more! Don’t forget our ever changing selection of awesome kids resale and locally crafted goods. Browse the racks for Baby Nay, Hannah Anderson, Kate Quinn, Pluie Pluie, Mini Boden, Gap, Naartjie, to name just few. For those moms to be, we have a fine selection of gently worn maternity. Sale ends May 19th. We look forward to seeing you soon! *Sale can not be combined with in-store credit or items previously marked down.*

Nobody does Little Love-y's like Amy McMullen

If you came to Little Love-y’s last year, you know why we are doing it again. It was as fun as the pictures. What> You didn’t come and don’t know what all the fuss is about? I see, your little valentine wasn’t born yet (really, the only excuse). So, for those coming late to the party, we’ll explain this again: You grab your favorite kid(s), and have them grab there favorite object of love (blankie? stuffed beaver? headless barbie doll? fine.) and you bring the whole gang to bella stella this Saturday (yes, the day after tomorrow) between 11 and 4. Then, that kid of yours get’s to make a valentine at our craft table. After that? The best part. A mini photo-session with the incomparable Amy McMullen. We (and I mean everybody who has ever come in contact with her) adore this woman. Her photographs are beautiful sure- but there is a quality of authenticity to them- I’ve never seen kids really open up and show that deep cuteness to a photographer in such a short amount of time. Trust me, these are pictures you will want to have, so come.

How much will it cost? Well, to come and make a valentine and get photographed, it will be free. For a valentine ready, fully finished print, it’ll be $20, and for a CD that you can print at your leisure, it’ll be $50. What’s more, I hear Amy will be giving gift certificates for future sessions and we will be offering discounts on bella stella goodie. Awesome.

And yes…those are (some of) our kids in the pictures.

Want a Better School District, Go to Jail.

It’s time we not have “better school districts”.   On another note, it takes a good deal more than the “$30,000 she defrauded from taxpayers” to prosecute and jail a person for five years.

We’ve taken a break from taking in resale clothing and maternity consignment during the holiday madness, but we’ll be right back at in on January 2nd! We will be looking for spring clothing, as well as clothes for fall (let’s face it- Portland is long sleeve year round!). Bring us your best! bella stella will be *closed* on January 1st. Have a very happy and safe new year!

The burning question is “What is bella stella doing for Black Friday?” no? If you camp out overnight in the freezing rain you get $10 off!…no wait, maybe that’s a bad idea, let’s try this again. Opening normal hours :
• 30% off all toys (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
• 30% off all resale clothes (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
• 10% additional off your entire purchase if you donate a toy to the Portland Toy Drive box (Friday, Saturday, Sunday).
• 30% off any toy you buy at bella stella for the toy drive box (now through Christmas)
• TRIPLE Supportland points on Small Business Saturday (Saturday)

(As usual, discounts are only good for cash/debit/credit purchases, not in-store trade credit, and not to be combined with coupons or other offers. Sorry.)

Sound good? OK, good. We know it’s tough out there and this whole holiday spending get-up isn’t easy this year. We thank you for supporting our little shop (and other little independent local shops) with your business. It means everything. Thank you.

Now I understand full well that summer has just gotten going. Sort of. In August. Anyhow, we’ve been running this store long enough to know that people are going to be desperate for winter coats, rain coats, rain boots and all other assorted rain gear in just a week or two. We have been stocking up all year, and it is all on the floor. Just a friendly heads up: you might want to come grab a few before folks get their claws out…

It’s always tricky business keeping a good selection of the bigger kids clothing in stock. Why? My best explanation is:
1) Bigger kids are very picky. My own has an extremely detailed list of what is and isn’t “her style”
2) They don’t grow out of their clothes as fast an, thus, the stuff gets worn out, and we don’t take in worn out clothing!
3)A lot of big kids are, groan, only into new clothing. Whatever. Sheesh.

So, in an attempt to counter these trends, we are breaking our cardinal no-cash rule. So for sizes 5+ you now have the option of taking 50% in trade or 30% in a check.

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Keywords: Clothing