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By: Bella Stella Resale  09-12-2011
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Free Kindermusic Clas this Saturday!

Come bring your little-little for some fun exploring music with a free Kindermusic class this Saturday from 11:00-11:30!

Sunday Parkways in NE Portland!!!

The six year old in the house is riding her own bike now, and the baby is big enough for the bike seat this summer! We’ve been waiting all year for bike riding heaven, and here it is! Will we see you there?

A 2-way route of city streets open to walk, bike, roll, run, jump and skip – without having to watch out for cars! The 5.8-mile Northeast Portland Sunday Parkways route will have two loops, connecting Woodlawn, Alberta, Fernhill and Wilshire Parks.  Food, music and activities are located in the parks and along the route.

bella stella in NW Kids May issue

Amy Watson of Mama Baby Chiro

Portland Babies LOVE the Playground Gym!

Do I Look Illegal?

That’s right! Just bring in a stamped envelope (stuffed as you like it) addressed to Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
and get 25% off any one item!

Happy May Day!

When it’s time to order toys for the store, I have to check with my consultant.  My 6 year old pours over the catalog and predicts what the must-have toys for the year will be with bone curdling accuracy.  This year it was the huge new line-up of wooden cutting food baked goods from Melissa & Doug: cupcakes, apple pie, cake and brownies.  IT took a while for some of them to roll out this year, for which I got berated (frequently) by said six year old.  Well, the brownies have just arrived, and I thought you’d want to know.

Amy McMullen at bella stella

Valentines has always been a crummy holiday in my opinion.  An awkward child with “off” social skills, I  was the recipient of some very non-committed valentines from classmates under duress to provide a card to everyone in the class.  As a romantic holiday, it never quite worked out.  It could just be me, but I tended to have dramatic breakups in late January.  Most of my life I have feared, worried about or righteously ignored Valentines Day.  Until I had kids.

Being a parent is crazy hard, but it does have its perks.  For one, you’ve got yourself a built in Valentine.  A really cute one.  “Be Mine Forever” on a candy heart seems perfectly appropriate.  Finally.

So in that spirit, bella stella is going to be celebrating this much-more-awesome kind of valentine.  On Saturday, February 6 from 12-4 Amy McMullen will be at the baby store (2751 NE Broadway) to photograph your little love with their special love-y.  We will have a free craft table in case they would prefer to craft a valentine to hold instead.  Prints will be available for purchase on the Amy McMullen website should you want one.  If you have seen Amy’s work before, you know you will surely want one.  And then you, like me, shall finally have the Valentine of your dreams- suitable for framing, and keeping. Forever.

We have joined an effort spearheaded by Milagros to reaise some cash to bring relief to the victims of the Haiti earthquake.  Want to help your favorite local businesses and Haiti at the same time? Time to shop this weekend Portland!

bella stella anniversary sale

It’s that time of year again! Now we are seven and everything everything (escept for baby carriers and crafters goods) is 40% off.  So what is on sale?   Resale children’s clothing! Resale maternity clothing! Resale baby clothing! Sophir the Giraffe! Aden and Anias Swaddle Blankets! Plan Toys! Melissa and Doug Toys! Books! Art! Crafts! You get the picture!

Keywords: Clothing