TIO-1 32 Input Encoder Position Capturing Coprocessor

By: Beidelman Software  09-12-2011
Keywords: Encoder, Terminal Block, Quadrature Encoder

32 Input Encoder Position Capturing Coprocessor

    The TIO-1 is a high speed, quadrature encoder position capturing, 32 channel digital input module. Whenever any of the 32 inputs changes state, the current state of all the inputs, along with the current encoder position are latched. The sample rate is faster than 2 µ-seconds, and the board has a hardware FIFO capable of latching 512 sets of samples. The on-board C programmable processor reads the data from the hardware FIFO. It can then do numeric processing on the data, and pass the results of the calculation through either ethernet or a RS232C port, to a PC or PLC.

  • Quadrature encoder inputs (5 volt differential A+/A-/B+/B-)
  • Buffered encoder outputs (5 volt differential A+/A-/B+/B-)
  • Encoder speeds up to 5 Million counts per second
  • 32 channels of 24VDC inputs with 2 µS response time (Opto Isolated)
  • 24 Bit quadrature position register
  • Hardware FIFO with enough depth for 512 samples. (special order up to 8,192 sets of samples)
  • C programmable co-processor for unloading FIFO and processing data
  • Communications over ethernet or RS232C to PLCs
  • Socket communications over ethernet to a host PC
  • RS232C port
  • Ethernet I/O
  • Battery backed non-volitile memory
  • HTTP web server can be implemented on co-processor
  • Communicate with web browser java applet through a socket
  • Encoder may be substituted with an internal time base, for high-speed, time-stamped applications
  • Terminal Block J1
    Terminals are listed left to right in the orientation of the picture.
    Power connector is on the side by itself, listed top to bottom.
    All terminals are labeled on the silk screen.

    Signal Purpose
    J1 Lower Lower Terminal Block
    1 IN1 Captured input 1
    2 IN2 Captured input 2
    3 IN3 Captured input 3
    4 IN4 Captured input 4
    5 IN5 Captured input 5
    6 IN6 Captured input 6
    7 IN7 Captured input 7
    8 IN8 Captured input 8
    9 IN9 Captured input 9
    10 IN10 Captured input 10
    11 IN11 Captured input 11
    12 IN12 Captured input 12
    13 IN13 Captured input 13
    14 IN14 Captured input 14
    15 IN15 Captured input 15
    16 IN16 Captured input 16
    17 EIN-A+ Encoder input phase A positive
    18 EIN-A- Encoder input phase A negative
    19 EIN-B+ Encoder input phase B positive
    20 EIN-B- Encoder input phase B negative
    21 E+5 Encoder 5 volt supply
    22 EGND Encoder power common
    23 EOUT-A+ Buffered encoder output phase A positive
    24 EOUT-A- Buffered encoder output phase A negative
    25 EOUT-B+ Buffered encoder output phase B positive
    26 EOUT-B- Buffered encoder output phase B negative
    27 DTR RS232C data terminal ready
    28 CD RS232C carrier detect
    29 RX RS232C recieve data
    30 TX RS232C transmit data
    31 GND RS232C ground

    Terminal Block J2
    Terminals are listed left to right in the orientation of the picture.
    Power connector is on the side by itself, listed top to bottom.
    All terminals are labeled on the silk screen.

    Signal Purpose
    J2 Upper Upper Terminal Block
    1 IN17 Captured input 17
    2 IN18 Captured input 18
    3 IN19 Captured input 19
    4 IN20 Captured input 20
    5 IN21 Captured input 21
    6 IN22 Captured input 22
    7 IN23 Captured input 23
    8 IN24 Captured input 24
    9 IN25 Captured input 25
    10 IN26 Captured input 26
    11 IN27 Captured input 27
    12 IN28 Captured input 28
    13 IN29 Captured input 29
    14 IN30 Captured input 30
    15 IN31 Captured input 31
    16 IN32 Captured input 32
    17 ICOM Captured Inputs Common

    Terminal Block J3
    Signal Purpose
    J3 Power Power Terminal Block
    1 +5 5 Volt Logic Power Supply
    2 GND Logic Power Common

    Price: $799.00




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    Keywords: Encoder, Quadrature Encoder, Terminal Block,

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    1 - Encoder Display Unit

    When switching from 12 digit display mode to 6 digit display mode, the lower order 6 digits in the current count for the Y axis are preserved. It expects to see only a single phase change at one time, and the signals to change state at a rate of less than 7 million times per second. The default operating mode is 12 digit single axis mode, until the X zero button is pressed, at which time we switch to dual 6 digit mode.


    Quadrature Encoder Optical Isolator and Splitter

    It is possible to use 3 different isolated power supplies as well (one for the physical encoder, and one for each of the virtual encoders). The inputs and each of the outputs can get power from a different power supply, and they are optically isolated from each other. It takes a A+/A-/B+/B- encoder input, and splits it off into 2 independent A+/A-/B+/B- sets of encoder outputs.