Quadrature Encoder Optical Isolator and Splitter

By: Beidelman Software  09-12-2011
Keywords: Encoder

     The ENCISO is a 5 volt quadrature encoder optical isolator and splitter. It takes a A+/A-/B+/B- encoder input, and splits it off into 2 independent A+/A-/B+/B- sets of encoder outputs. The inputs and each of the outputs can get power from a different power supply, and they are optically isolated from each other. This board uses high speed network grade optical isolators, capable of operating at 5 million encoder edges / second (1.25 million complete encoder cycles per second, of which most systems will consider to be 4 counts each).

     It is possible to use 3 different isolated power supplies as well (one for the physical encoder, and one for each of the virtual encoders). However, this is not required. It is ok to make some of the power supplies common. In either case, all 3 sets of the power supply terminals must be connected to power. Usualy, a servo drive provides 5 volts out to power the physical encoder. This same supply may be connected to the virtual encoder supply terminal. If you don't use the servo's power supply, you should still hook the 0v terminal to the servo's 0v to reference the signals to the same voltage potential.

     You can split the encoder signal more than 2 ways by using multiple splitters. For example, with 4 ENCISO units, you can split the original encoder signal 8 ways. When using the unit in this manor, you should remove the termination resistors on all but the last unit.

Keywords: Encoder

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