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By: Beemcee Consulting  09-12-2011

Maybe you’re not sure how to start. Or maybe you don’t know how to do some part of your over­all plan. There’s either too much con­fu­sion in response to what you thought was a sim­ple question.

Maybe your ques­tion isn’t that simple.

  • Creation. Envisioning. Assessing. Analyzing. Critiquing. Trouble-shooting.
  • Technology. Computers. Networks. Internet. Phones. Software. Automation.
  • Design. Typefaces. Layout. Colour. Print. User Experience.
  • Story-telling. Words. Writing. Editing. Composing. Evaluating.
  • Process. Start. Finish. Report. Plan. Explain. Train. Automate.
  • Invest. Find bal­ance. Enjoy. Pass on. Be proud.


Providing great ser­vice is hard, and it’s a task that’s never fin­ished. You want to pro­vide great ser­vice to your cus­tomers, who will reward you by com­ing back to you, again and again. That’s exactly what I want from my cus­tomers, too. We all start with a vision. Mine is to help my clients make the most of what they’ve got.

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I have over 20 years expe­ri­ence with tech­nol­ogy con­sult­ing, pub­lish­ing and mar­ket­ing, and would be will­ing to dis­cuss where you’re at, and what you might need to achieve your goals. Do you have a designer & web devel­oper already in place who under­stand User Experience Design, web mar­ket­ing, ana­lyt­ics, A/B test­ing, etc..


Technology | BeeMCee Consulting

For the money you’ll spend to beef your old one up, you could buy some­thing twice as pow­er­ful, and it would be new. I can train you how to use a spe­cific appli­ca­tion. Sure, I’ll fix your printer.


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We can design a spe­cific course for your sit­u­a­tion and staff, and make sure that the max­i­mum value will be deliv­ered to your orga­ni­za­tion. Being cre­ative can be really frus­trat­ing fi you’re inter­rupt­ing your flow with find­ing things, los­ing things, or redo­ing things. Software suites like Microsoft Office are installed in hun­dreds of mil­lions of com­put­ers world-wide.