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By: Beef Direct  09-12-2011
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Star Quality Cuts
Star Quality Cuts represents the dedication to producing the best standard of beef direct from Malica Family Farms. It goes far beyond the traditional method of grading beef such as AA or AAA. Star Quality is in honor of our family's farming heritage that began over 100 years ago in Star, Alberta. The beef is fed using the best  natural grains to achieve the highest possible grade. The animals are respected and are raised in a stress free environment. The feeding methods produce a beautiful marbling effect in the beef. The beef is hormone free, government inspected, aged 18 plus days minimum and trimmed to retail standards. All this work produces a final cut of beef that is juicy, tender and highly flavorful. We are confident that you will be totally satisfied with our product. You have our guarantee.

Feature Packs†

Contains an assortment of fresh high quality beef for all your favorite recipes.


The Beef Direct Ranch Pack is great for those die hard barbecue enthusiasts

One of the most economical and popular ways of ordering beef.

The name says it all.
  Lets party like its 1899. Get value like the good old days on beef items to liven any party.
"Man can not live on beef alone" (direct quote from one of Malica's cattle).

            NBTB Stands for "Nothing But The Best".

            All the roasts you enjoy come in this popular pack

Pick your favorite steaks in a pack of 10. Choose from the variety of cuts and sausage to create your very own pack. Name the pack whatever suits you. Perhaps call it the Smith pack.

Shop at following the links below and proceeds from your sale go directly to the farm.

Keywords: Beef