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By: Bedwetting Stopped  09-12-2011
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The Permanent Cure for Bedwetting ~ Maximum Performance Minimum Size
Children love these new brightly colored and well designed alarms from Malem.  This is the
latest in alarm technology. A small ultra lightweight alarm is comfortably worn on the nightwear
top close to the shoulder.  All models are light weight, include batteries and even glow when
sounding. Plus, save up to 50% on any alarm by utilizing the buy back program.We carry 6 different models in stock ready for immediate shipment.  The Malem alarm is the one
that worked for our child. The Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness and Malem Alarms are the
perfect combination for success.  Since you will only need this alarm for 60 to 90 days, we will
even buy your working alarm back when you are finished with it!  All alarms come with a 1 year
warranty from Malems.  These alarms are the best that money can buy. Only new Malem
Enuresis Alarms are sold on this web site.
Malem Alarm Red – One Tone $89.95 + S&H / $44.98 after refund, save 50%!             Malem Alarm Yellow - Eight Random Tones $94.95 + S&H / $47.48 after refund, save 50%!
Many tones to prevent audio accommodation. Malem Ultimate Alarm Purple – $106.95 + S&H / $53.48 after refund, save 50%!
One Tone and vibration.
The combination sound and vibration provides an extra sensation to help very sound sleepers. Malem Ultimate Alarm Gold –  $111.95 + S&H / $55.98 after refund, save 50%!  
Eight Random Tones and vibration. Recommended by William - Go for the Gold.
This alarm worked for our child.  Many tones and vibration for the extremely difficult to wake.
Best value and top Malem Alarm sold with the best results. Malem Ultimate 1S Camouflage - $122.95 + S&H / $66.95 after refund, Save $56.00!
Malem Ultimate 1S Magenta - $122.95 + S&H / $66.95 after refund, save $56.00!
Malem Ultimate 1S Royal Blue - $122.95 + S&H / $66.95 after refund, save $56.00!
Selectable - 8 Random tones - Sound only - Vibration only - You Choose Sound
This alarm has the ability to add or eliminate the sounds you like or dislike. $7.75 USA Shipping & Handling Charge, 2-3 Days Delivery.
$12.95 Canada Shipping & Handling Charge, 5-10 Days, upgrade to Express below.
$14.95 International Shipping & Handling Charge, 5-10 Days Delivery, upgrade to
Express below.
The Alarms are connected to a clip-on sensor which detects moisture.  The new                 
sensor has the advantage of being able to clip and anchor to the outside of any close fitting
underwear for boys or girls.  NO sewing to hassle with or metal clips or snaps to come undone
during the night. NO mini-pads to buy and attach each night! Sensor contacts are within the clip
so skin contact or sweating will not trigger the alarm.  Unlike some models, these do not shut off
until the child disconnects. The Easy-Clip is attached to a cord that clips to the alarm.Warranty: Malem Alarms are warranted by the manufacture for one year against manufacturing
defects.  Please consult the item's package for specific terms.
Brand New In The Box Alarm Ordering Information
Prices listed below include the $7.75 for USA shipping & handling.  Add to cart and check out or
make checks & money orders payable to Dennis Mulvey and send to:
Bedwetting Stopped
PO Box 641
Roscoe, IL. 61073$12.95 Canada Shipping Charge, 5-10 days delivery time. Upgrade to Express Mail Canada plus
$100.00 shipping insurance  for an additional $13.00, add below. 3-5 days delivery time for
Express International to Canada.
$14.95 International Shipping Charge, 5-10 delivery time. Upgrade to Express International for an
additional $14.00, add below.  3-5 days delivery time for Express International.Pl
ease provide shipping address for United States Post Office Priority Mail.  USA cost with
shipping & handling is as follows and is the price you pay when added to your cart:
Red $97.70 Yellow $102.70   Purple $114.70 Gold $119.70
Camouflage, Magenta & Royal Blue $130.70 Return Policy:  All sales are final.  Once an alarm ships, it is considered used and refunds will
only be allowed at 50% of the original sale price.  Alarms are shipped within 3 days after
receiving payment.  Priority Mail delivery in 2-3 days.  For USA shipments add $4.95 if you would
like your shipment insured. We are not responsible for lost or damaged shipments.  Canada and
International shipping can upgrade with shipping insurance and improved delivery time below.Customer Service:
Questions? Email Dennis at: [email protected] or
leave a message at 815-623-5147
Red - One Tone
Secure Payment
Yellow - Eight
Random Tones
Secure Payment
Purple - One
Tone & Vibration
Secure Payment
Gold - Eight
Random Tones &
Best Seller
Secure Payment
Camouflage - You
Choose The 8
Sounds and
Secure Payment
Magenta - You
Choose The 8
Sounds and
Secure Payment
Express Mail Canada
Upgrade $13.00
3-5 days shipping plus
$100.00 Shipping
Royal Blue - You
Choose The 8
Sounds and
Secure Payment
Express Mail
International Upgrade
$14.00 3-5 days
Shipping Plus $100.00
Shipping Insurance
Add Insurance to
Your Order/Shipment
(Optional) $4.95
USA Only
Secure Payment
New Malem
$30.00 Includes US
Shipping Charge
$5.00 to Canada
Shipping Charge
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Malem Enuresis Alarms
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