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By: Bearstone Consulting  09-12-2011
Keywords: exercise, Homeland Security, Systems Engineering

Our integrated disciplines offer the solutions our clients are looking for: Systems Engineering and Technical Asssistance (SETA), R&D Project and Exercise Planning, Execution and Analysis.   We are a 360о interface for well orchestrated teams acting as independent experts or coordinated units completing one or more of a project’s objectives.

Bearstone also offers consulting services in Strategic Thinking, HR Management and Diversity Management,  Emergency Planning, Telecommunications, Staffing, and Training. 

Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA)

Bearstone has over 25 years experience in systems engineering on large National System Programs for satellite and ground processing systems.  Services offered by Bearstone include Test & Integration, Requirements Definition and Verification, Operational Evaluation, Operations Concept development and testing, Mission Planning and Optimization.

Project and Exercise Planning and Execution

Over the past three decades Bearstone has planned and executed numerous projects and exercises.The most recent project has been a joint effort with Mantech Real Time Systems Laboratory (MRSL) to apply their current signal processing techniques to derive real time information from live signals. MRSL has the technology, Bearstone has the mission operations concept and has planned the project. The resulting information will provide valuable input for data fusion systems as well as analysis and resource allocation processes.The most recent exercise was the US Air Force TENCAP Special Project 2006 (SP-06). This was a Homeland Security exercise, run as part of the NORAD/NORTHCOM ARDENT SENTRY 2006 Homeland Defense/Security Exercise. SP-06 focused on the evaluation of new technology initiatives applied to Critical Infrastructure Protection and Maritime Domain Awareness/Surveillance disciplines. Planning and Execution by Bearstone, under contract with RS Information Systems, included not only the selection of specific technology initiatives, but also the coordination of scenario play, scripts and mission planning to allow the application and integration of National Technical Means with Tactical means of data collection, processing and reporting. This required not only stepping into existing communications and operations structures and procedures, but also the creation of new architecture to allow new technology initiatives to play. The exercise also required the coordination of activities of Homeland Defense and Security responders, not only Law Enforcement, Military, Coast Guard, and Intelligence Providers, but also required tasking National Technical Systems for exercise support. Bearstone then worked with Delta Solutions to analyze exercise data and evaluate the exercise results for Military Utility and Performance Measures.Other past projects have included specialized projects and exercises to create and evolved data fusion operations and techniques. Most notable may have been the Tactical Fusion Study completed in 1989 that created an approach to SIGINT data fusion still in use today. This study lead directly to the Prototype Tactical Fusion Center, later known as the WARGODDESS system, and today is being moved forward under the Command Decision Program.Under its existing MOU with the Physical Science Laboratory at New Mexico State University, Bearstone has planned Lighter Than Air (LTA) projects. These projects would use free-flying or station-keeping LTA vehicles as platforms carrying various sensor payloads for new ISR missions – signal processing, imagery, communications relay, etc. These R&D projects would provide solutions to a wide range of intelligence and operations missions and would further the development of light weight payloads and sensor packages. Partnerships with companies like Data Fusion Corporation and Sierra Nevada Corporation allow Bearstone to plan and execute coordinated multi-platform (LTA, UAV, Aircraft, Satellite and Unmanned Ground Sensors) and provide fused information to strategic and tactical users. Customers for these products will include NRO, NSA, DHS, DOD, as well as State and Local agencies, and even commercial companies.


Bearstone has extensive Intelligence Analysis experience. For almost four decades the Bearstone principals have conducted in depth analysis, working through the generation before computers became the analyst’s tool. We can compute with a slide rule, work it out with a pen and some maps, signal printouts and “pictures”, or use (and even design) the most sophisticated computerized analytical tools.Bearstone, in partnership with Coherent Solutions, Inc., has captured an analysis methodology that can be used for training all-source analysts, or for the development of software tools to aid the analyst. Our Coherent Analysis Methodology (CAM)™ allows one to capture and/or understand all the sources of information pertinent to an analytical problem, apply the knowledge domain required for solutions, and creates information sharing and dissemination methods and techniques so that Actionable Information can get to those who need it in a timely manner and friendly format.StaffingBearstone has joined with Coherent Solutions and G-Phorce Solutions to bring a deep pool of highly qualified engineers, technicians, and analysts to the work force supporting all aspects of the aerospace, intelligence and technology market. We can not only provide solutions, but the more important asset – the people who can do the job - qualified, experienced, motivated.Training
Bearstone is ready to pass on its extensive knowledge base and experience through its Training business unit. Qualified curricula developers are available to create training courses, seminars, and individual instruction in most disciplines related to intelligence analysis and Homeland Security/Defense, military, and para-military operations.

Strategic Thinking, Human Resources and Diversity Consulting and Training

Bearstone is partnering with G-Phorce Solutions and T.H. Consulting to provide specialized consulting services including management consulting and training in Human Resources and Diversity in corporate cultures. We recognize the importance of having a well planned HR program as the foundation of your company’s strategic vision, including a corporate environment that is inclusive, nurturing, and provides equal career opportunity to each member. Strategic Thinking, Emergency Planning, and Telecommunications are integrated services provided by our consulting team.

Keywords: Critical Infrastructure Protection, exercise, Homeland Security, HR management, Systems Engineering

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The integration of Bearstone’s Coherent Analysis Methodology helps to give life to forensic information captured by Prepared AmericaTM – helping the move from “forensic” to “pro-active” - an important goal of the Department of Homeland Security, any first response agency or military entity.