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By: Beansprout Collective  09-12-2011

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  • Michelle has a new video camera and has been shooting some great indie music we saw recently.

    The Logician features our friend Troy Witherow singing with one of kind haunted voice that is pure as mountain air. The band also includes three other handsome men on second guitar, synth, bass and drums.

    Homeless Gospel Choir

    Derek leads the choir with his acoustic guitar singing about the crass kind of consumerism and nationalism that America has mixed up their religion with. This was shot at the Doors in Hamilton on his tour with Listener and you can hear camera woman singing along with the rest of the crowd.

  • CBC’s the Fifth Estate investigates police action at the G20 for a revealing documentary about the ‘martial law’ imposed on Canadians in June 2010.

  • Jared

  • Protect the Special Diet Allowance, Raise the Rates and Promote Access to Healthy Food for Everyone!

    Poverty Makes Us Sick!
    Kitchener Rally and Free Clothing Giveaway
    Saturday, January 22, 2011
    1:30pm – 3:00pm Kitchener City Hall

    The Ministry of Community and Social Services says “some people will stop getting an allowance”. We say this is unacceptable!

    In March 2010, the McGuinty government announced the planned cancellation of the Special Diet Allowance, a fund for people receiving social assistance who have medical conditions, leaving it unclear whether those who currently receive this vital support would be covered under a new plan. Now, the government has removed many of the conditions previously eligible, indicating that “some people will stop getting an allowance”. This is yet another blow to poor people in Ontario. OW and ODSP rates are already woefully inadequate, leaving their recipients struggling to afford food and housing. Increases for cost of living have lagged behind inflation since 1995. While corporations get tax cuts, the Ontario Liberals are balancing the budget on the backs of the poor.

    This Saturday, join us for free clothing and toy give-away, music, speakers and an opportunity to share your experiences as we denounce these policies and call for justice. This will be a kid-friendly rally.

    Following the rally there will be an anti-gentrification march hosted by the Spot Collective.

  • Finally! We have published our second BeanZine! Articles, photos, and artwork by Michelle Drew, Bethany Tulluch, Jared Both, Mark Mann, Tyler Van Holst, Sophisticat, Nate Enkel, Timmy Blank, Jessie Golem and Chris Clarke. Topics covering the G20 protests, prophecy and peace, the Up From the Gutter Onto the Farm festival, death threats, God and the Church, monotony, and coca cola. As always we are constantly looking for submissions but now we also welcome donations so we can keep printing and sending this to the far reaches of the Western world. Pandora’s Press has helped as a lot getting this second issue printed–even delivering it to my front door so I could have some for Friday’s show at the

    ! The cost is about $1 per issue and we suggest $2 so we can mail it out to you.

    Here’s your opportunity to help:

  • Accessible Housing For All

    On Saturday, December 18, 2010, a group of community members, from the Spot Collective and the neighborhood in general, occupied the residences currently under construction on King St in downtown Kitchener. The goal of the occupation was to draw attention to the gentrification of the city, and to juxtapose the images of the strong and vocal downtown that its inhabitants know against the airbrushed photographic ideal the municipal government would rather it resemble. The protesters maintained their ground for about 45 minutes, despite having been almost immediately harassed by police. Shouts demanding accessible housing for all and denouncing the gentrification of our city cut through the icy winds, and the group only grew louder as they were forced off the condominium property by threats of arrest. They continued their demonstration just outside the fence, and handed out flyers to people passing by, who showed a hefty amount of support for the demonstration. This action and the numbers of people who support it only show how important equality is to the dwellers of Kitchener-Waterloo, and how often these demands for equality are ignored by those who have the power to fulfill them. Despite promises from both the Liberal and the Conservative governments, during the last two years, child poverty in Waterloo Region has continued to rise. With full knowledge of the economy’s skyrocketing rate of inflation, officials refuse to raise benefits to a level that allows people to survive and are taking away what benefits they might have already fought for, such as the recent rescinding of the Special Diet Allowance. People of all types and ages are on decade-long waiting lists for subsidized housing. Instead of asking local town folk how to best deliver the housing they so desperately need, the regional governing bodies choose to mingle with high-brow developers and take advice that only applies to 1% of the population. The people who previously panhandled and slept in the doorways of businesses along King St are being swept away first by police during construction, then by security guards of fancy condominiums, without even a peep coming from regional governments about the mere possibility of more shelters, more subsidized housing, and higher rent allowances for people on welfare and disability. It was absolutely imperative that community members of all stripes show their support for better treatment of homeless people. To live comfortably is a notion that goes beyond rights. When it is clear there are those who prevent the well-being others through their own greed, steps must be taken to point out the thieves and address grievances. The homeless and working poor have been thoroughly marginalized in our societies and it is up to individuals to bring them back into the greater community through their own words and actions.

    It takes a spark to start a praire fire

  • Letters from the incredible, poet, farmer, and traveler Seb Rameriz.

    Nov. 20, 2010

    “Let me first tell you about what I am doing. I have just recently finished a 7 month apprenticeship at an organic farm just outside of Guelph [the Ignatius farm where Up From the Gutter, Onto the Farm was held this summer]. During this time I learned everything from soil preparation, planting, weeding (a lot), harvesting, processing, marketing, and many other skills that will be incredibly valuable in the future (ex. wild edible plants…heh heh). Being at this farm has instilled an almost ancient feeling of (re)connection to the land and the process of feeding ourselves from the soil to our supper. I also learned that my family several generations back were farmers and owned a seed company- Keith seeds. So this ancient knowledge is not so ancient but simply a bit dusty.

    I have decided to pursue this pursuit of growing food for a living and I will be enrolling in the brand-spankin-new Sustainable Agriculture program at Fleming college in January. Until then, I am taking advantage of my “free time” and making a trip to visit family and learn about agriculture in Spain at the same time. On Monday I will be heading to Murcia in the south east to learn about urban permaculture projects. For those unfamiliar with the term, permaculture is a form of design which aims to build and re-create permanent, sustainable culture, not only in the way we grow food but also in the way we interact with our environment, catch and store water, create sustainable jobs and enjoy what we do every level. (what a concept eh?) I’m hoping to get a good idea of how this works before starting college in January.”

    Nov. 30

    “We’ve taken some time away from the fireside to wind our way down the mountain into Aledo, the closest town to Los Albaricoqueros (which means apricot trees…the name of the farm I’ve been at for the last couple of days.)

    I arrived on Saturday for a one day Permaculture workshop and decided to stay a couple of days, things in Caravaca are a little slow these days so Ive decided to stay and help Fran the farmer with some projects.

    Fran´s farm is tucked away in the mountains between endless monocultures of olives, apricots and almonds, Its a romantic image but its kind of shocking to see how much the agriculture has gobbled up the hillsides here. All of the mountains are terraced, and from far away look like stepladders with little green things sprouting up. Underneath the endless rows of trees is a dark, orangey-red, rust coloured soil.

    Fran lives alone on his farm…other than the volunteers that come from all over the world…and the people from the city who come up for courses on the weekend…and the 4 cats who like to hang out by the front door under a big towering Carob tree.
    So…maybe not so alone. Anyways, the day I arrived it was rainy so most of the city folk didnt dare make the trek to the country. The eight or so of us brave souls who made the journey crowded around the computer to see a presentation about permaculture design. Permaculture design is all about the ways we design our living systems, the way we grow our food, where we grow it, how to catch and store energy (wind, sun, water, animal,human) and it stresses the importance of observing before building…They say you be in a place for at least a year before deciding to build in a certain spot…this allows you to see the “worst” season, be it summer or winter to know where exactly you should settle down.
    Permaculture also suggests that things we use should be multi-purpose, for example, a bicycle can be used for:
    4.personal expression
    5. drying your clothes
    6.powering your blender. etc etc…
    therefore bikes = practical useful machines!…whereas corn cob skewes are just, well…corn cob skewers…anyway lets get back to the farm.

    This farm has an energy about it that is hard to put into words, the gardens have been shaped into circles, mandalas, stars and wavy lines that are not only beautiful to look at but instill a deep connection to the earth,the plants and all of the other living things around. The other day, I was planting baby onions in the large circular garden (see photo below) and I kept finding spirals everywhere! Amazing snail shells and milipedes curled up to protect themselves, bean vines climbing up sunflower stalks. It was as if the motion of moving in a circle was being subconciously beamed into our minds by the things that are always around us, if we only take the time to observe and listen. Nature does not grow in straight lines or cubes it is our obsession with control and order that does.
    Today we started building some panels by lashing some canes together to make a thatch roof for the latrine. Fran, myself and Lucy, a volunteer from france sat on a bench and put on one cane after the other tying them tight in unison, as a little cat tried to get as close to the action as possible, climbing on our backs and into our laps. After lunch the rain came back so again we retreated to the fire and to inside jobs like patching some new holes in my pants. “Ah the joys of hard living.”

    For now, its back to the farm to prepare for the course this weekend and to try and dry out the almonds so they can be stored away.
    Stay tuned for more updates, coming soon to a computer near you.

    mucho amor de España!
    cow bells and snail shells,


  • Michelle and I went see a house show in London with Listener and Homeless Gospel Choir. It was in Paul Mack’s basement and he filmed it! We met some wonderful people in London who set us up to stay at a place called the Garden. Hospitality and house shows are really great way to build community and celebrate DIY art. You don’t need a fancy venue to have an acoustic show or share a couch. All you need is to find some people who will invite strangers in or sit down and listen to each other.

  • Poverty Makes Me Sick!

    Kitchener Rally and Community Meal

    Saturday, November 27th, 2010

    1:30pm – 3:00pm Kitchener City Hall

    Protect the Special Diet Allowance, Raise the Rates and Promote Access to Healthy Food for Everyone!


    In March 2010, the McGuinty government announced that the Special Diet Allowance, a fund for people receiving social assistance who have medical conditions, will be suspended.  It is unclear whether those who currently receive this vital support will be covered under a new plan.  Recently, Kitchener MPP John Milloy admitted to a group of concerned citizens that there was no clear vision for the replacement program.   OW and ODSP rates are already woefully inadequate, leaving their recipients struggling to afford healthy foods. Increases for cost of living have lagged behind inflation since 1995.  While corporations get tax cuts, the Ontario Liberals are balancing the budget on the backs of the poor.

    This Saturday, join us for food, free clothing and toy give-aways, music, speakers and an opportunity to share your experiences as we denounce these policies and call for justice.  This will be a kid-friendly rally.

    See you there!

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    This year, as in the previous year, the intention for our festival is to gather people to participate rather then spectate; to uplift and collaborate rather than burden and compete, as sometimes seems to happen in activist and artist communities. It was a very encouraging time spent listening to the amazing things our friends are doing and learning more about theology, feminism, screen printing, bike repair, serving in Cario’s slums.


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    Media coverage of the current election campaign reveals, as usual, that journalists and candidates don’t believe that justice for people who are poor and excluded is really a priority for Canadians. If the fact that 3 million Canadians currently live in poverty really matters, why is the media more concerned about the number of questions Steven Harper is willing to answer each day.


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    10th Anniversary of the Western invasion of Afghanistan, “Operation Enduring Freedom”, led by the US and the UK.Canada has asserted itself as an international military presence, with Canadian military personnel still in Afghanistan and a recently extended mission in Libya.