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By: Be The Change Consulting  09-12-2011

Youth Development Coaching Cards - $20

This 52-card deck is filled with dilemmas and scenarios based on real issues faced by youth-serving organizations. They can be used to refine your practitioner lens, or align the philosophy and practices of your entire staff. Select a card and consider all the strategies you can come up with to resolve the issue presented. Flip the card over to read additional strategies based in youth development theory. These strategies provide a starting point- the more you reflect and brainstorm the more creative and resourceful your staff will become!

25 Activities to Develop a Professional Learning Community - $25

This simple to use collection of professional development and reflection activities are designed to support a group of colleagues to refine their shared vision and values for the type of organization they want to create. The exercises provided will help your team establish practices and strategies that support the intentional community you want to create. Research shows that groups that learn and think together are able to make more cohesive decisions as a team, which supports intentional community buildng. These activities can be facilitated in 45-90 minutes, and are ideal tools to rotate facilitation amongst a team of facilitators.

Experiential Activities Develop Critical Thinkers: Middle and HighSchool - $25

This activity guide contains twenty-five easy to facilitate lessons that reinforce community values, social justice and deep democracy. While these lessons are most readily applicable to middle and high school aged youth, most can be modified for elementary aged youth as well. The activities in this guide are designated into five themes. Each theme, comprised of a sequence of 5 activities, progresses across the youth development practices of safety, relationship building, youth participation, skill building and community involvement. Each theme ends in a culminating event where youth can showcase their learning and experience success. The themes included are:

  • Color My World: An Exploration of Visual Arts
  • So You THink You Can Poem?: A Series of Writing and Spoken-word Poetry Exercises
  • Identity, Class and Power: Experiential activities and conversation tools to explore social contexts and systems
  • Leaders of Today: Dynamic and challenging exercises to support teamwork, communication skills and responsibility
  • The Great Debaters: Exercises to build the skills of logic, rational argumentation, and multi-perspective thinking

Experiential Activities Develop Critical Thinkers: Elementary - $45

This "recipe-card" toolkit of 50 activities is designed for professionals who work with elementary-aged youth to facilitate structured youth-development based lessons. Five sections of nine activities each will allow you to mix and match the perfect lesson for any occasion. The sections include:

  • Section 1 Creating Connections: To establish the principles of deep democracy and a strong sense of safety amongst youth
  • Section 2 Creating Agreements: Activities for youth to state their needs and expectations of the group
  • Section 3 Building Community: Exercises for youth to work together to collaboratively solve problems, voice opinions, and get to know each other better
  • Section 4 Deepening Skills: Lessons to facilitate teaching moments with youth- in the topics of environmental justice, diversity and equity, civic engagement, and healthy body-mind activities.
  • Section 5 Practicing Core Values: Interactive ways to build physical, emotional and sensory associations with the principles and core values of your program community

The activities in this toolkit will bring transformational results as youth learn they have the power to create safe, enriching and educational spaces for themselves and others.

10 Step Implementation Guide to Deepen Organizational Practices - $10

This implementation guide is designed for a team of staff to go through a ten-step process to begin to institutionalize the philosophy, strategy and tools found most useful in the 2-day Building Intentional Communities Training. Each step comes with graphic organizers and activity suggestions for you and your implementation team to successfully create the organizational climate you want.

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