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By: Be Em Systems  09-12-2011
Keywords: alarm, Security Alarm, Alarm System

We now offer Indigenous Fire & Security Alarm System, totally developed by us including software.

Earlier we were hesitant to use the imported systems on account of the maintenance and availability of spares. However, now we have nothing to worry about since we have our very own Made In India System.

Besides the features offered, we can offer a system to suit your specific requirement.

The Fire & Security Alarm Panel at the Branch will be connected to various sensors like smoke detectors, heat detectors, panic alarms, etc. The panel which works on 230 V AC and 24 V DC Standby battery indicates various alarms like Fire, Break-in, Hold-up and faults like Open, Short, AC Fail, DC Fail, Charger Fail, Battery Low.

In case of an alarm including fault, the panel automatically dials the Central Monitoring Station and transmits the nature of alarm. The Security Alarm System can be armed / disarmed / silenced / reset through the key pad provided password.

The PC at the Central Monitoring Station on which the software is loaded will detect any call from the Panel at the Branch and process the signal received and accordingly display the Alarm as the case may be.

The personnel at the Central Monitoring Station can then through another software which is also provided by us dial into the affected branch and view the branch through the cameras installed at the Branch. In case of a genuine alarm, steps can be taken dependingly on the nature of the alarm. In case of a false alarm, the system can be silenced or reset accordingly.

This system used in combination with the Central Monitoring System gives the
best results in security.

Keywords: alarm, Alarm System, Central Monitoring Station, Security Alarm, Security Alarm System