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The Raindrop Technique
is based on Lakota Native
healing and combines the
science of aromatherapy
with the techniques of
Vita Flex, reflexology,
massage, energy work and gentle feathering. The oils used are Valor, Thyme, Oregano, Cypress, Wintergreen, Basil, Peppermint, Marjoram and are known for having powerful antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.
Raindrop assists in bringing structural and electrical alignment, alleviates back & knee pain, tight shoulders, and digestive system discomfort, and assists the body’s systems into alignment and helps relieve chronic pain. It has been known to cause visible improvement in scoliosis and has used successfully on animals.
A person receiving raindrop has essential oils worked into the  feet and dropped up the back from a height of 6-12 inches  as"raindrops" and then worked into the body. After all essential oils have been applied, a towel soaked in tepid water is applied to the back to drive the oils further into the body. This luxurious treatment is the perfect balance of mind, body and spiritual healing with effects lasting up to 2 weeks.  $100."I have had several Rain Drop treatments and they are amazing. They not only feel good, but they are therapeutic and healing. You have managed to bring my digestive system back in alignment with where it should be and I have never felt better."


All oils Young Living therapeutic 
grade #915974
Services, classes, and pricing may be changed at anytime.

Energy Work-Your Chakra alignment affects your health, energy, wealth & and relationships. Whether choosing an individual treatment or learning in a group class, feel the difference balanced energy can make in every area of your life.    $40.
           "Before my first Chakra reading with you,
I was a little leery as I had never had a reading before.
The reading was amazing!"

Life Path Card Readings-Decisions are difficult, especially when the head & and heart conflict. Relax and let the energy flow as you have your own Life Path Reading. Let it help you examine your current situation, give over views and options to help you find that balance and peace of mind you desire.  $40
"I have a deep respect for your inborn intuition,
your natural abilities and sensitivity as a healer,
and your knowledge of nutrition, fitness, and the
importance of the “mind, body, spirit” connection.
You have a wonderful way of making a person feel
safe,well cared for, and focused on in every way. It
is completely obvious that this is what you were
bornto do, your life’s purpose extraordinaire!!!"

Life Purpose Mapping -B irth numbers indicate, in pure mathematical form, the particular blend of energies comprising each individual’s life paths issues and tendencies both in the positive and negative. These issues need resolving before
we can fulfill our potential. See how a detailed mapping
uncovers hidden meanings related to your life purpose
in health,work and relationships. $75 Full birthdate required.  Mapping  can be emailed as
attachment for gift convenience. 

Organic steam face and foot detox
group of 3-5  $20 each
A healing Lavender steam face detox to cleanse and invigorate the skin. Follow with a luxurious & relaxing Clove, Cinnamon, Lemon, Rosemary & Eucalyptus foot detox massage.
*2-$25 each , $30 for individual treatment
"Your professionalism,voice, the soft touch of your hands is all a part of your package that makes you so amazing. You make me feel like I am the most important person in the world and your attention is always 100% on me."

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Keywords: healing, Oils

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