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By: Trc Timberworks  09-12-2011
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Timber framing combines structural strength with timeless beauty, bringing old world craftsmanship into balance with modern building techniques. A timber frame can be the main frame of your home, or it can be a decorative accent piece added to an existing residential or commercial structure. TRC Timberworks & Natural Homes also provides timber frame stairs, garages, carports, gazebos, decks, and covered porches.

Timber frames can be shipped and assembled anywhere in Canada.

ASK about our timber framing workshops! As a home owner, you can reduce labour costs by having our trained professionals teach workshop participants while they are building your dream project.

The beauty of a natural timber frame is such that most owners prefer to have the frame in full view from the interior of their building, with the wall systems and insulation wrapping around the outer edge of the frame. The large spans between posts allow for a variety of wall insulation systems to be used, including straw bales, SIPs (structural insulated panels), clay/fibre, and batt insulation systems that reduce thermal bridging. Higher R values are possible with these systems, creating a more energy efficient home.

Timber frame structures are an ecologically viable building system in that the timbers can be sourced from local and sustainably managed forests, and the long life span of a timber frame means that the same trees will house families generation after generation. In Europe, there are timber frame buildings that are still standing after 900 years.

The wooden members of a timber frame are living material, and they show a marvelous variation in hue and markings based on the type of wood and where in the tree the timber was milled from. Timbers also react to the humidity in their environment, moving slightly through the seasons and becoming “members” of your household with their own unique character. Having an experienced timber framer build your structure for you will ensure that these movements and the special characteristics of timber building are accounted for in the design of your home.

TRC Timberworks & Natural Homes works closely with the client and general contractor throughout the design and installation process to ensure that the project runs smoothly to completion. Our crew is experienced and equipped for installing your timberwork. We will meticulously select and notch each timber before delivering them to your site and erecting them using modern techniques and equipment.

TRC Timberworks & Natural Homes is fully insured and in good standing with the WCB of British Columbia.

Keywords: Timber, timber frame, Timber Framing

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