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By: Rudibela  09-12-2011
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RudiBela Business Solutions provides data integration services to conduct business analysis, design and develop data warehouse models and procedures to populate and regularly update the data warehouse with data collected in operational systems. This results in a single, consistent, view of all your business data, 

a single version of truth


Each business typically uses several software applications to track and manage different aspects of its operations, for example sales, procurement, manufacturing, inventory, accounting, human resources, customer relationship management, etc. This is normal, but it poses several constraints when it comes to getting a big picture on how the business is doing, when reports need to show data that is spread across these systems. For example,

  • Such systems are optimized for recording transactions and data stored within them is in a format that is suitable for particular application.
  • Reports are usually created as Excel file, whose number grows quickly and becomes hard to track. It easily happens that wrong files are being read and wrong conclusions and decision are made based on them with heavy impact on business.
  • Changes in each system can make existing reports unusable.

Data integration

Benefits of creating a data warehouse are multiple. Apart from overcoming the problems highlighted above, some of them are:

  • Accurate and reliable data – Data warehousing initiatives include a data cleansing process that eliminates multiple names for the same context (e.g. US, USA, United States and United States of America, are all translated into one single term). As a result, the data that decisions are based upon is more accurate.
  • Instant reports – With DataPark, custom reports are not time-consuming to create. In contrast to take-a-number, wait in line treatment many managers feel they receive from overworked
    IT organizations, with DataPark they can quickly create new reports themselves – usually in a matter of minutes.
  • Drill-down – Data warehouse can present data at any level of detail – from global, to regional, or site-by-site. It can therefore serve the needs and management styles of all managers – those who are only interested in the big picture and those who want to examine highly granular data.

Using data warehouse

RudiBela Business Solutions deploys DataPark using latest technology trends to optimize performance and maintenance while reducing costs. While data warehouse can be implemented within your corporate domain, we also offer possibility to deploy data warehouse outside of your organization. In either case, it can be managed and maintained by us, or by your staff if your company has the expertise in-house.

Keywords: data warehouse, Data Warehousing

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