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By: Ultimate Products For Life  09-12-2011

Hemp Protein Powder, Hemp Oil, Liquid Minerals, Probiotics, Enzymes, Digestive Aids, Bacteria, Elimination Aids, Virus and Pathogens Defence, Hemp Seed Nut, Whole Meal Bars, etc. All these products produced by Conscious Planet are the highest vibrational form of any living food we have found. We recommend having Protein for breakfast. This is the best way (after a couple of glasses of Alkaline water) to begin your day. Make a smoothie of Hemp Protein Powder, Liquid Minerals, Hemp Oil (3-6-9 Essential Fatty Acids) along with berries and anything else you want to blend in (Greens would be good). Your body will love this! Alberta Greens - $29 / $45
Add this ‘Power Blend’ to your Hemp Smoothies in the morning and watch your energy soar. Contains Organic: Spirulina, Apple, Wheat Herb, BarleyGrass, Alfalfa, Bee Pollen, Beet Root, Acidophilus, Licorice Root, Green Tea, etc. JUST KELP - $80.00
Unfortunately, Radiation Fallout is here to stay!
Low-Level Accumulation of Radioactive Particulates causes Cellular Destruction = FREE RADICALS
FREE RADICALS are a major cause of diseases, pain, inflammation and dysfunctional organs.   Plus…radioactive Iodine must be displaced by Safe Iodine from Kelp Worldwide, all the experts agree that KELP with iodine coupled with nature’s smallest molecule, the miraculous FULVIC ACID, annihilates radiation in human and pet bodies.Just Kelp is 1 litre of highly concentrated Kelp from Nova Scotia laced with Fulvic Acid and loaded with Minerals & Electrolytes.  Value $360 when diluted and sold as 12 months supply.  Our price $80.  Dilute it yourself!SMARTKLEAN LAUNDRY BALL - $45.00Completely and effectively replaces the need for detergent!
  1. CLEANS BETTER than detergents and leaves no residue in the fabric
  2. SAVES WATER as it does not require a rinse cycle, or even hot water!
  3. Uses Revolutionary Bio-Ceramics (just like our Cerra Water Ionizer)
  4. CREATES NEGATIVE IONS in your clothes, sheets and towels (these are very beneficial to our health)
  7. DOES NOT POLLUTE the environment (NO chemicals)
  8. And the BEST NEWS! This fabulous technology will $AVE YOU MONEY!
Guaranteed to do 18 lbs. of laundry for 365 days. This means it will last an average family 2–3 years!CERRA STONE ~ The World’s Newest Bio-Ceramic Technology - $45.00
  • Creates Alkaline Boiled Water
  • Creates Negative Ions in Boiled Water
  • Improves the Flavours and Energy of Cooked Food
  • Keeps Refrigerated Food Fresh and Speeds Thawing Time in Frozen Food
  • Enhances Energy and Mood
  • Quiets Headaches
  • Activates Chakra Centres
  • Creates Fresh Environment
FOR COOKING LIQUIDS:Bioceramics are minerals and clays fired at high temperatures that are beneficial to the human body. The Bioceramic Cerra Stone has ionic powders that generate a huge negative ion stream. PLUS it emits far infrared energy both of which the body loves.  The main purpose of the stone is to create alkaline water (up to 2 more points of pH) and create negative ions (by up to 200 points) in boiled water! This is unheard of!   You can now make alkaline teas and coffees loaded with life-enhancing negative ions (measured with an ORP meter). The trick is to put the stone in your kettle and boil the water vigorously for approximately 10 minutes. You can also alkalyze as well as add beneficial negative ions to soups, stews, vegetables, rice, etc. by placing the stone in the bottom of the pot.  The Cerra Stone also enhances the flavours of cooked food.  The cooking stone does not transfer flavours. OTHER USES:
  • Put the cooking stone in your fridge vegetable crisper to help maintain the vitality and freshness of your vegetables despite the large EMF field present.
  • It also speeds up the thawing time for frozen food (put both in cold water).
  • Lay the Cerra Stone on your table and let the negative ions make your environment feel fresh and alive.
  • Place the Cerra Stone in your shirt pocket to lift your mood.  Place the Cerra Stone in your pants pocket to perk up your bedroom activities.
  • Lay back and place the Cerra Stone on your forehead to quiet a headache.
  • If you are into energy therapies, lay a heated Cerra Stone on your chakras.  The far infrared emissions coupled with the negative ions will calm each centre and bring you a tremendous sense of peace.
You will be so impressed with the Cerra stone’s dynamic performance that you may want several.. SHIELDITE PENDANTS - $20.00 - $60.00Harmful ELECTRO-MAGNETIC RADIATION coming from your cell phones, wireless phones, electrical appliances, computers, wi-fi and wireless towers could be the problem !  Protect Yourself from Invisible Dangerous EMF Radiation. Wear a beautiful SHIELDITE Stone PENDANT and mount a protective SHIELDITE on your cell. Helps protect and restore your body’s sensitive electrical system.
  • Protects children’s developing brains
  • Safe and effective for the whole family
  • Shields you from hidden EMF exposure
  • Shieldite Stone is the ONLY substance discovered that can transmute damaging EMFs, due to it’s UNIQUE MOLECULAR STRUCTURE
There are now thousands of studies on the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation on the human body. Continuous and prolonged exposure to unnatural electromagnetic frequencies is DESTROYING our health. Electromagnetic radiation is a field of energy that is created around electrical and battery operated devices such as:
Cell Phones
Cordless Phones
Wi-fi Modems
Wireless Cafes
Computer Chip Run Cars  
House Wiring
Electrical Appliances
Washing Machines
Clothes Dryers
Stereo Speakers
Circuit Breakers
Electric Clock Radios
Overhead Power Lines
Neighbourhood Electrical Boxes
Airport and Military Radar Substations
We are surrounded by offensive EMFs everywhere we turn..there is no avoiding the problem, so we MUST protect ourselves from continuous exposure to these electrical hazards.  Prolonged exposure to unnatural electro-magnetic frequencies can create health issues or even chronic illness. Symptoms are: Stress, headaches, forgetfulness, nausea, chronic fatigue, chest pains heart problems, cataracts, brain tumours, leukemia, miscarriages, birth defects and cancers.Some forms of electromagnetic energy, can actually break down the chemical bonds between molecules in the cells of the body, affecting their ability to perform their many functions.  In some cases, the cell DNA is so severely damaged that the cell begins to act abnormally. Shieldite, is the ONLY device that Dr. Ross Andersen, ND DC, has found, in 30 years of testing, that reduces EMR damage and renders it harmless. Shieldite absorbs and transmutes these EMR waves until the mineral or stone ‘fills up’.
To discharge Shieldite, you need to ground  it by laying it on the earth or on your kitchen or bathroom faucet base (which is grounded to the earth) for 15 mins.   It is then ‘cleansed’ and ready to shield you for the next 24 hours.  Shieldite. Natural protection at its finest.MAGNETIC ACUPUNCTURE DEVICE $150.00
“Pulsed” Electro-Magnetic Frequency
Carpal Tunnel ~ Joe
“I wore the ‘MAD’ on my wrist for only a few minutes and my pain was reduced by 75%.” Burn ~ Christina
“I burned my hand with a hot iron and this little device took the pain and the burn mark away completely in 45 minutes.” Herniated Disc ~ Debbie
“This device took the pain away from the herniated disk in my neck in 2 weeks of use.  I have been able to stop taking all my pain meds.” Cancer Pain ~ Suzy
“I have had pain from cancer below my right arm pit for a year. Within 5 minutes of using it, my pain diminished almost entirely.” Back Pain ~ Faith
“ My lower back pain was diminished within 2 minutes of placing the unit there.” MAD-1 (Magnetic Acupuncture Device)The Ultimate Device for Pain Relief ~ Totally A ffordable and There When You Need It !!!T-ZONE VIBRATION MACHINE
Whole Body Vibration
Rated NUMBER 1 for Performance Solidity, Durability and Warranty
Pioneered by Astronauts ~  Increases Bone Density
~  Firms and Tones
~  Strengthens Muscles
~  Reduces Cellulite
~  Accelerates Weight Loss
~  Increases Flexibility
~  Increases Circulation 
~  Reverses Pain 
~  Regenerates Tissue• 8 pre-set exercise programs
• Built-in body fat monitor
• Ergonomic design
• Three LED screens - displays time, speed and body fat
• Built-in body fat monitor
• 70 speed adjustments appropriate for different fitness levels, including strength exercises and massage
• Overload protection
• Full Warranty Our new metallic VT-18 model has Ergonomically Designed Arms that accommodate taller users and make it comfortable and accessible in any position. The innovative sturdy arm design with Dual Anchors provides more structural support to the machine, and a newly designed Higher Base means more effective floor exercises and stretches. The Overall Height has been increased to 54 inches (the VT-7 is 47.5 inches), so the VT-18's sleek design has more room for upper body workouts, aerobic exercises and golf swing practice. CSA approved for both Canada and the USA.
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