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By: K. Lyons & Associates  09-12-2011

Price optimization strategies and decisions are often the most important decisions a business makes since small changes to pricing usually have more impact on the bottom line than any other decision. Anyone in your organization who  influences pricing needs to know the sensitivity of pricing changes to the bottom line.

However, understanding the bottom line impact is just the first step in developing price optimization strategies. The next step of determining how and where to improve margins is a more challenging step. In this module we’ll identify several specific steps you can take to improve margins. This doesn’t need to be time consuming and many of these pricing changes can be done automatically through your software.

Most managers and owners want to introduce price optimization strategies but at the same time have several concerns. Concerns like ‘how much risk am I assuming’ or ‘will my customer accept the price increase’ or ‘I’ve tried this and it didn’t work’ are common concerns addressed in this module.

Finding and implementing the price optimization strategies that will work for you now and generate results in the near term is the focus of this module. Achieving margin gains is one of the most common outcomes our customers experience and we hope you’ll watch the videos and apply the principles to your own organization.

The one percent difference DVD program consists of the following four modules:

The 1% Difference: Small Change-Big Impact


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