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Interoperable Radio Products

Radio Systems Marketing offers several products: The RSM CK300 series ComKit add on systems for existing vehicles and also RSM CKFR customized vehicles built to suit each customer's requirements for mobile interoperability, command and control missions.

Radio Systems Marketing developed and offers a cost effective add-on kit for Public Safety and First Responders SUVs and vans. The CK301 ComKit can be installed on most vehicles used today. It consists of a console and ancillary equipment that is placed between the front bucket seats of the SUV, van or truck. It contains radios and interoperable equipment to link multiple agencies radio systems between them and to/from other sub-systems such as the on board VOIP PBX telephone system and the remote access via satellite providing a bi-directional gateway to and from private and public switched telephone networks.

The CK300 ComKit is offered as a stand alone piece of equipment to be mounted on an existing vehicle. Initially, it will be available for Chevrolet Suburbans, Tahoes and Yukons. It will also be available in the near future for Ford and Chrysler vans

Depending on the options selected the CK300 series ComKit could be a single piece of equipment mounted between the front bucket seats, or they might also have an additional equipment rack in the back. In longer vehicles such as Chevrolet Suburbans it is possible to place the rack directly behind the driver. In all SUVs it is also possible to place the equipment rack in the rear of the van, between the last row of seats and the tailgate. The rack is connected to the CK301 ComKit through connectorized cables.

RSM-CK301 Add-On Suite of Interoperable Mobile Radio
& Wireless Computing Sub-Systems features:

  • Interoperable mobile radio communications between several agencies using multiple radios and Voice over IP Interoperable Gateway

  • Always-on mobile computing communications through several ground and satellite secure networks

  • Interoperability and mobile computing networking to field staff and agents in the area of operations

  • Encryption of all computing and mobile networking communications with triple-AES and triple-DES using secure VPN tunnels

  • Add-on suite of communications sub-systems can be installed on most Public Safety SUVs or vans

  • Fault tolerant, mission critical wireless communications networks for voice, data, images and compressed video

  • On-board Voice over IP telephone switch to communicate with multiple VOIP systems at Headquarters and remote areas

  • Simple computer network on-board and to Headquarters, does not require System Administrators skills to operate it

  • Video capture, processing & distribution sub-system

  • One driver side control console with radios and computing & communications equipment

  • One 30” closed rack cabinet that can be installed behind driver in full size SUVs or in the back of smaller vehicles

  • Optional two-workstations area behind driver providing command-post features to operate in the field for extended periods

  • Two on-board DC/AC power generators providing 120 VAC for computers, communications and other equipment

Technical Highlights:

  • Up to five radios can be mounted in the front console to provide interoperable communications for different agencies

  • Additional radios can be added in a second console in the rear area of the van

  • Interoperable gateway provides multiple simultaneous paths to interconnect several radio systems

  • Voice over IP gateway connects directly to each radio system to place and receive phone calls from radio systems

  • Encrypted voice and data communications using VPN tunnels over all Mobile Internet, Satellite and WLAN networks

  • Dual mobile internet access using Verizon Express and Sprint PCS Vision 1xRTT networks at speeds of 40-100 Kb/s

  • Voice Globalstar mobile satellite communications terminal (Coverage anywhere in US)

  • Data 9.6 Kb/s Globalstar mobile satellite communications terminal (Coverage anywhere in US)

  • Voice and 64 Kb/s data Inmarsat M-4 Global Area Network terminal (Coverage anywhere in the US)

  • WAAS enabled GPS navigation system (Provides augmented accuracy positioning using FAA’s 23 triple-redundant stations in the US)

  • Remote field post cluster connected by encrypted WLAN, providing phone, fax, computing and video to field staff

  • Robust, industrial grade Frequency Hopping Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) with six times more power than Wi-Fi

  • Secondary WLAN system to connect ComKit to the Headquarters system when the van is parked at or near HQ

  • Real time video capture, processing and distribution sub-system, hosted by high performance Multimedia PC

  • Low cost laptop for driver can be ported and used outside of the vehicle when required

  • Low cost, high brilliance display desktop PCs for two workstations behind driver’s area

  • “Mirror” desktop PC in the rear (tailgate) area of the van can control any of the other Laptop or PCs in the van

  • DC to 120 VAC, 600 W sine wave converter supplying clean power to computes and communications equipment

  • DC to 120 VAC, 1,200 W converter to provide additional power for other on-board equipment

Radio Systems Marketing has designed several versions of Mobile Communications vehicles on Chevrolet Suburban platforms for use as interoperability-on-wheels and command/control platforms

The specifications are defined working with the customer's Operations and Engineering teams, defining the requirements and developing a product and systems architecture to be integrated with the exisint mobile communications systems. RSM can provide the complete vehicle and on-board equipment, or build it on a new or used vehicle provided by a customer.

There is a broad selection of options and functionality, the features provided in point 1 above for CK 301 ComKits would be the base for the design of a CKFR, plus or minus specific sub-systems in accordance with customers needs and requirements.

Example of a customized First Responder Mobile Command Post Van

Example of a Secure Storage System in Rear Cabin

Example of Storage System, Large Map Board and Outboard PC Mounts in Rear Cabin

Example of a CKFR Customized Block Diagram

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