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By: Fluvial Systems Research  09-12-2011

Improve decision-making

Our framework - River channels adjust their form in response to transfers of water and sediment. Over the long term, river behaviour broadly reflects the local hydrologic regime and the quantity and type of sediment supplied to a channel. Over the short term, land use changes within a watershed may alter runoff and sediment delivery processes and these may disrupt channel conditions. However, channel response is often complex in time and space, confounded by an episodic regime of natural disturbance.  

Our services are designed to identify watershed processes that drive linkages amongst hillslopes, riparian areas, and river channels. We use these linkages to understand historical channel adjustments and response to disturbance. We compare these results to current channel conditions to identify any departures from the natural disturbance regime induced by land use practices.

Your benefit -  Our service framework helps enhance your understanding of river conditions and identification of hazards, and reduces uncertainty in management planning. Follow the links on this page to see how we apply this framework to our comprehensive channel assessment and process-based hazard management, and for examples of our advanced geospatial analysis of rivers.

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